Friday, July 2, 2010

nothing gets me down

floral tights
song of the day: 'jump' by van halen
floral tights are still a bit of an anomaly in my town. i don't know how many times someone, in a very shocked voice, said 'oh, i thought you had tattoos on your legs!' really? really? that's what you thought?
i bought this dress from the manna center when it was mid-calf and had a fuller skirt. needless to say i changed those things. however, i made it shorter than i meant to and then realized how transparent the skirt is. it's fine for going clubbing but since i never do that, i had to come up with a plan. the girl that brought me the vintage clothes the other day had these rad floral tights in the bag too! i thought they were a scarf at first but upon closer inspection, found out they were indeed tights. i cleaned them up and was able to wear them with my see through skirt!! it was a bit warm in them though so i'll not bring them back out until about september, but it was fun for the day. and the looks i got were more than worth it.
you guys have super fun plans for the weekend? we're heading to my sister's house tomorrow to spend the holiday with her and her family. we'll do some fireworks and swim and grill and stuffs. always a good time.
enjoy your friday!!!
floral tights
floral tights
floral tights
dress-vintage, manna center
shoes-vintage, someone brought to my store
necklace-vintage, etsy
tights-someone brought them to my store


Anonymous said...

I love that dress - it is the perfect shape and I love the sheerness. Such adorable tights too! I love the print of them so much, but please don't get a tattoo of them on your legs ;)

Lisa said...

have an awesome holiday weekend, those tights are so cool!

merl said...

I think you should totally go for tattoo pants. Is that what a full leg tat is called? Sleeves are full arm tat's.. stands to reason.

I have no plans for the 4th as of yet. Family plans fell through and we'll spend half the day driving home from a going away part-a on the 3rd.. I better get a tan is all I'm saying.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

your floral tights story is too funny! i know i would totally get weird looks in my town, too.

Clare said...

Woah, those tights are so great!! And they look great with this simple outfit.

Anonymous said...

Love the floral tights!