Monday, July 12, 2010

this heart of mine has been hurt before

song of the day: 'waiting for a girl like you' by foreigner
this outfit is actually from last weekend but i never posted it. it's just not very exciting or cool but i do really like the lighting in the photos so i guess it's not a total loss.
saturday night we had some people over for dinner and things got a little wild and crazy. we decided to go out on our roof. the roof i always take pictures on is really the salon's next door. i can walk out onto it from our deck. super easy. our's is way higher. we got up on the salon's roof, climbed onto the top of our stairwell and then scaled the wall to our roof. it was the first time we'd been up there and the view was really cool. however, we have a metal covering for the stairs and i totally gashed my leg while pulling myself to the top. it looks really ugly. so i'm a little bit bummed out that i'm going on vacation with a severe leg wound. boo.
shirt-vintage, girl brought to my store
shoes-vintage manna center


veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i love the lighting in these, too. really pretty!

avalonne lou summers said...

I love the diagonal stripes of your shirt! Most of the time, I love to dress up, but I like those days when I'm wearing something simple, because simplicity is always effortless and chic :)

Meggstatus said...

I'm impressed to what great lengths you go through to take your pictures, scaling roofs isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. But it sure does sound exiting!

Most of the time the outfits I am close to just filing away in my "not that great" folder but post on a lazy day are the ones people like the most. I think it's the simplicity people enjoy and this is no exception. It's such a great laid back look.

Kimberellie said...

Oo, sorry about the roof incident! YIKES! But your outfit here is LOVELY if that is any consolation. Love the top. It reminds me of my childhood.

and it is NICE to wear something simple once in awhile!!

Kate Maggie said...

Ive never seen shorts, tee and sneakers look so good. You look darling, lady...but whats new - right? You always do!!

Anonymous said...

Boo-boos suck!! I'm sorry to hear about your leg! Your perfect legs taking a beating!! It probably makes you look super tough :) I love this outfit, so chill and 80's. Totally reminds me of my favorite outfits as a kid.