Saturday, July 3, 2010

such a sweet surprise

song of the day: 'cherry pie' by warrant
brace yourselves, there are a lot of pics to wade through today. i do realize that it's a bit on the side of overkill, but oh well.
the other day megan from another day to dress up brought up the topic of 'go-to' outfits. i thought at first that my summer 'go-to' was a dress. and while that is true to some extent, i mean it's so easy to just throw on a dress and some shoes and head out the door. minimal thought and effort but you still look put together and not like a hobo off the street. but then i got to thinking. i love me some shorts. and i felt so very comfortable in this. actually, let me confess something to you, i wore a skirt to my shop but as soon as i got home, i ripped that baby off and pulled on these shorts. jeans and shorts are kinda my comfort zone, my happy place if you will. i don't have to worry about what i'm showing off when i bend over or walk around on a breezy day. maybe that's why i love rompers so much, it's like the best of both worlds: feminine dress and practical shorts.
at this point in my photo taking i was feeling kinda silly. plus i do tend to make the same face in all my pictures so i wanted to shake things up. have a bit of fun, you know?
i did get a question about the shop that i wanted to address. do i have a separate stash of vintage that i put on etsy? no. i put all the things that are in my etsy store in my real shop. i just mark them with an 'e' so that i remember and if anyone else is here they'll know which ones are online. then if something sells in the shop, i yank it off etsy asap. and if something sells online, i make sure to get it off the rack quickly. so far there haven't been any accidents. fingers crossed it stays that way! there are a lot more things in my shop than i have listed though, for reason or another. and so far it has worked beautifully.
alright, i know i've kept you here for a while so i shan't keep you any longer.
shirt-vintage, girl brought to my store
shorts-vintage levi, cheap thrills
shoes-vintage bass, manna center


Away with the fairy's said...

Really really love this look! that shirt is so cool! perfect! :)

Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

love that vintage look you have created!


NBeteck said...

when I saw this, I immediately thought "Brazil". I love the mix of short on the bottom and heavy on top.

Amanda said...

I lovelovelove this outfit! It looks so cool and perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love this look so much, you it perfectly you!!! And I'm really bad at faces, I have to constantly tell myself to relax my face because most of the time I look like I'm smelling something foul :)

Lara said...

I received the giveaway necklace today! I love it!

KLVG said...

I love the casual feel of this outfit, it's every shade of wonderful!

Your outfits are always fantastic and realistic, but with a touch of whimsy.

Leproust Vintage said...

Shorts have been my hot weather go-to all week! I hav lived in the same pair of cut offs for days!

So, I have been catching up on your blog posts today (I binge read) and I had no idea that you have an actual vintage shop! It looks SO cute and amazing! That is my dream! You go! That is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

you and your me find the most perfect pair! ideally, i'd like to thrift a pair of jeans and then cut them (duh), but i don't know where to start! a men's pair, so that they're baggy? or a bigger woman's size...for the baggy??

help! look adorable. you do 70's so well. ;)

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

ok, can you please share your leg workout routine? I hope you have one, your legs are amazing!