Thursday, July 1, 2010

crying on a breeze

song of the day: 'mandy' by barry manilow
how's this for a funny memory: i remember singing this song in kindergarten. it was raining one day during recess and me and a friend were looking out the window singing with all the emotion our little 5 year old selves could feel. you see, growing up, everyone called me mandy. now, no offense to those out there who choose to go by this lovely name, because i know a couple of them, but i hated it. my grandma still calls me mandy. i let it slide cuz she's 86 and i figure she's lived a good life and while she's in great health, could probably not survive a beat down.
this dress came from a girl who brought some vintage clothes to my shop for me to buy. i love it when people come to me with stuff. i still get a great deal but i don't have to go searching. she had some fantastic pieces, like so super cool. i brought them home and tried everything on to decide what i'm keeping and what i'm selling. there is a gorgeous gunne sax dress that i can't part with so you'll be seeing that one soon. it's so pretty and feminine. but there are some great things that will make their way slowly over to the shop. probably starting this weekend. can't wait to get them listed!


Swalvs said...

Oh how a lovely match! I mean the necklace and the print!!! They look very pretty together! And the dress is a summer gem!!! You look beautiful! And I can't wait to see the new items in the shop!

Jill said...

this dress looks so beautiful. i love you style and your shop looks for cute. i would most def. shop there!

kate maggie said...

I will take note to never call you Mandy. Your grandma sounds like a peach. You look so stunning Amanda. I have missed reading your posts dearly, so glad to be back! You look as good as always..I love this color on you. This dress was a good find! x

Meggstatus said...

I hate when people call me things I don't ask for, the worst is Meggy... I'm like really, when did I ever say that was ok? Anyways, this is such a perfect little summer dress. The print is beautiful!

Kimberellie said...

Those photos of you are great. You look so lovely and summery! AND YES to that dress! It is perfect. I see why you had to keep it!

As for Mandy? I know what you mean, with me it's Kimi. UGH.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love that name!! People used to accidentally call me Mandy (and Heather for that matter) and I loved it!! But I also know how much I hate being called "Meg" so I know how you feel. I love the length of this dress but how much skin it shows up top. Just lovely!!

Amanda said...

Love the dress, it looks perfect for the summer heat! And how cute are those shoes? Amazing :]

chicfaced said...

I LOL'd at your comment about your g'ma not being able to survive a beat down. True words.

avalonne lou summers said...

That dress is stunning. I don't wear strapless dresses, I would wear it if it had straps. Whoa you're so tanned, your tan lines are intense! Must be super sunny where you are. Don't forget to wear lots of sun screen, protect your skin :) Your summer hair is lovely!