Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i've been waiting for you

song of the day: 'what about love' by heart
speaking of waiting, i was at the mechanics for over three hours yesterday. i took the car in to get an oil change and fix the door striker on the rear passenger door (yes the door was held closed by a strong piece of twine so that it wouldn't fly open. we are a classy bunch). but found out the ball joint on the driver front had to be replaced because, as roger told me 'the wheel could come of in any direction and you'd be stuck in the middle of the highway with no way to push it to the side and you'd have to get it towed.' i'm sure he kept the fact that i'd also have to be towed by an ambulance to the nearest hospital if that happened to himself. but no, roger's a nice dude and he was very concerned that we wouldn't make it home. needless to say, we got it fixed. but that meant sticking around in the waiting room watching nickelodeon for another hour and a half. isaiah had a great time making eyes at the girls that work behind the desk and chewing a lot of bubble gum.
so anyway, that's kinda why i don't have a lot of pics today. and they aren't that great to begin with. after waiting around the mechanic's and then driving in the heat to target, where we got a snack, i marveled at all the cute bathing suits and then cursed the fact that there weren't any small enough for my no boob self, and then buying a star wars lego pack, and then driving home with the windows down in the rush hour heat, i look a bit worse for wear.
thanks again for all the awesome comments about my store. i'd love to talk more about it if you all still have questions. i don't want to go on and on about something you're sick of hearing though, so let me know.
oh and i am wearing shorts :) when matt first saw me when he got home, his eyes went wide but then relaxed when he saw the shorts through the dress. silly boy.
dress-f21, ebay
shorts-talbots, goodwill
boots-steve madden, idee geniale's closet


Kayla said...

I adore that dress! I've been on the hunt for some good shorts I can wear under light-weight dresses like that. Perfect for hours in the heat :)

Becky said...

Your dress is beautiful! I love this whole outfit. ♥♥

Carrie said...

That dress is great & I like how you paired it with the booties. And shorts underneath? Genius! Maybe I need to invest in a good pair. Some of the cute little dresses out there just aren't made for tall girls like myself. :)

merl said...


when you first commented on my now dead chictopia account, and I went over to stalk you back you were wearing that gorgeous floaty number. and I was hooked. It's literally perfect on your body type. Speaking of bodies.. or more specifically boobies, don't even get me started on the target swim tops.. I need like an xxl to fit the girls without having the ugly side boob happening, but they dont make those and I wouldn't buy it anyways. Basically they are made for the medium breast girls. Stupid.

Clare said...

I adore this look. Floaty and western and fun.

Kimberellie said...

This dress pleases me to no end. And also, I think you look lovely despite the ordeal yesterday was for you! The boots with the dress are just perfect too!

And I love your brick wall. It is so much snazzier than my brick wall. Tradsies?

Fia said...

Nice dress! It looks great with the belt and boots.

Carys said...

Cute dress!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Lara said...

Haha. My husband would say the same thing if I wore that. He hates one of my rompers because it is really short but because they are shorts and there are about 20 tiny little buttons that button it up, he hates it. :)

Archives said...

this is SOOOOO something i would wear!!!! love it! :D

megan at Transmission Me said...

Gosh I love this dress.. I remember when I first saw you in it.. Is that weird? Sorry about your auto, I know you love it so. Hope it gets all the way better soon!!