Friday, June 18, 2010

isn't this what's called romance

song of the day: 'lost in your eyes' by debbie gibson (or debra as she likes to be called now)
how awesome was debbie gibson? i had her tape back in the day and i'd sit in the back seat of my mom's van and listen to it on my walkman. i was so super cool.
i actually didn't mean to have pics like this again. it just worked out that the sun was in the right place. bought my dress fully intending to sell it in my shop but then i tried it on and didn't take it off. i guess that means for the time being it's mine!! i ripped out the shoulder pads because, well, they're lame. it's such a comfortable little dress and i'm certain that i had one just like it when i was little. but i wore the shoulder pads in it then.
so it's father's day this weekend and i've yet to get anything for my father or the father of my child. i better get on that, huh? you guys take care of that yet? i need some ideas for my dad. he's so hard to buy for.
this pic is pretty cool although it kinda hurts the eyes to look at. my remote crapped out on me and i got up real close to see if it would work and that's when this took. i'm gonna have to get a new battery for it because i can't be bothered with that silly self-timer. it just takes so much work! back and forth, back and forth, sheesh! i don't have that kinda time or energy! just kidding, but i did get awfully spoiled with that remote.
tomorrow kids, tomorrow you must have a postcard in the mail to me or it's over! thanks :)
dress-vintage, manna center
boots-steve madden, idee geniale's closet


idée_géniale said...

Alright, so at first i saw this and was like, yoah, that's the girliest thing I've ever seen her wear! Then i thought, OH! it must be going up in the shop, must look out for it! then my hopes came crashing down when you said that you were keeping it. (sad face). Hahaha, well, if ever you do put it up for sale, can you give me the heads up? much appreciated!
Love these sunny pics! have a great weekend!

Clare said...

Yikes, thanks for the reminder about fathers day!

Oh, and I love this dress on you!

fashionjunkie said...

Very pretty, love the print! These pictures are gorgeous, i adore the lighting. Guys are so hard to buy for!

Meggstatus said...

I hate shopping for presents for my dad. I can never think of anything so I usually just settle on golf balls and a Starbucks gift certificate (I've have literally given him these for christmas and his birthday for the past three years.) So I'm afraid I won't be any help in this department.

Anyways I just love this dress, I think the lace collar is what got to me!

Kim said...

Oh wow, this dress is AMAZING! I especially love the lace collar, and the print is so gorgeous!


Carys said...

I think this is my favourite outfit you've ever worn, it's so lovely!! The print is adorable, and the colour is just perfect!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Hannah said...

So cute! That dress has the perfect flare.

I hear ya about the shopping for Father's Day thing. My dad keeps telling me to buy him a black mustang, but yeah, that's not happening.

flattery said...

Cute cute cute dress!
I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog; check it out!

avalonne lou summers said...

This is a lovely dress! I'm thinking of starting an etsy store, but I think I'd have a super hard time picking out what and what not to sell and keep! Sounds hard! You look so darling, love the collar detail :) Have a lovely Father's Day weekend!

tess said...

I love that dress, so summery

Lexie, Little Boat said...

what a pretty dress! i agree, the lace collar is perfect!

Amanda said...

Love the dress, it's so adorable! My dad literally has every tool and every cooking thing...he's impossible to shop for. So I'm just cooking a really nice dinner for him (he loves when I cook).

I too have been spoiled by my remote.

disarming darling said...

your boots are adorable- and i love the last picture. gorgeous gorgeous. :)


Kimberellie said...

Oh this dress is awesome. And I love the pics. And the boots! All together, perfection!

Leproust Vintage said...

This outfit is so insanely adorable! The lighting in the photo seems to go so well with the aesthetic of the outfit as well!

So pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

Not used to seeing you in such an innocent outfit, but I really love it!!!! The dress is so sweet but you added an edge with the boots and wild-child hair. I've said this a billion times, but your style is amazing girl!!

Lisa said...

I don't blame you for wanting to keep that dress because it is so adorable! I love the collar and it looks really comfy too. I usually always rip the shoulder pads out too. I hope you get that dress you want on ebay!