Wednesday, June 9, 2010

shot through the heart and you're to blame

song of the day: 'you give love a bad name' by bon jovi
i am loving my shorter crazier hair. it makes me feel sassy. as if i need any more sass in my attitude but whatever.
and i just got these shoes the other day from etsy. i love them. the wedge, the multi-colored leather, the peeptoe, everything. when i first tried them on, they were a bit snug but i thought no big deal they're too cute for that to really matter. when i put them on with this outfit, i almost couldn't put my feet in them! it's been really humid and my hands and feet are both kinda swollen. and i basically have hobbit feet, well more like a hobbit with high arches. i don't know why i continue to purchase vintage shoes because 2 out of 3 won't fit my ridiculous hooves. curse you women of 30 years ago who had lovely delicate feet and are now getting rid of your too narrow shoes! you tease me so.
and indeed later today i will reveal the newest giveaway. feel free to wait with bated breath.
tunic-vintage dress chopped up by me :)
shorts-talbots, goodwill
shoes-too freaking narrow, terribly adorable from etsy
vintage accessories


Carys said...

Beautiful outfit, I love your new location for photos!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Clare said...

Love the long tunic with the denim shorts!

Rosie said...

Those shoes are pretty epic. I'm glad that you managed to squeeze your tootsies in them because they are so awesome, and I cannot wait for this giveaway!Have you entered mine yet? You should.... free dressesssssssss

Starr Crow said...

okay, i'm totally in love with your shirt! the print is very similar to what i wore in my outfit photos today, but i really love the shape of it too.

about the shoes though...seriously. can someone please explain to me how they had such dainty feet. Are processed foods making our feet giant too!??

beaucoup vintage said...

hair = awesome! it really it super cute. i envy you curly haired girls.

merl said...


you look like a gorgeous 70's model with your stupidly long legs, sassy hair and the lighting of the photos. knock it off. I haven't showered in a couple days and I'm STILL moving. maybe since I forget to eat lately, and have basically become the stair master, I'll have legs that could pass for yours in the dark. by a drunk person. whose also blind. le sigh.

Little Ocean Annie said...

I love this photo location! You look like a little 70's nymph, in a great way!
I always have that problem with vintage shoes. I also have really high arches, so it's so hard to find cute ones. Damn old ladies.

Zoƫ said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear about the shoes :(

I feel your pain metaphorically speaking. And I have felt your pain in the most literal sense as well. (Why?! Why do we buy them?)

May I suggest a cool bowl filled with a mint-related tea to soak your swollen dogs?

And I love your necklace and I still love your hair.


The Daily Fashionista said...

I'm sorry to hear about your shoes! That is the same reason why I can't wear vintage shoes. Not only do they not fit, but in the summer the glue will melt and my shoes fall apart:(

But hey, your outfit looks great:)

Robyn said...

Yay for short curls! I am definitely on your team here... even if you got that song stuck in my head.

Amanda said...

LOVE the do, I really do haha. That top is amazing, I love the belt with it :]

Anonymous said...

I'm so loving your curly mane!! The shoes are amazing. I too have purchased vintage shoes on etsy only to be heart broken like Cinderella's frumpy stepsister!! And I have mad bunions too; so annoying. I'm working through the pain to wear some kick ass shoes :) I hope you like this comment because it just took me 15 min to write it with my new phone!! Oh and your outfit is so awesome!! I have an amanda inspired skirt & scissors project in the works!!!

kate maggie said...

Eep! you are such a babe, I think you should be a model, k? :) you look so gorgeous in these photos. Im glad I can still look at your blog while on the ocean! x

Kelcie O'Donnell said...

i wore this tunic today! tucked under a navy long skirt with lots of small details on it, cream patterned tights, and the short fringe boots :) i literally ran out the door to class still putting this outfit on!

(do you still get notified if i comment on this blog way late??)