Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i bless the rains down in africa

song of the day: 'africa' by toto
anyone else watching a lot of the world cup? i'm not such a big futbol fan, or soccer if you prefer. but matt likes it so i am obliged to sit through a game or two in the evenings. of course, basketball is also mixed in there. thankfully there's only one more of those games. see, i only like football, real american football. big dudes throwing balls, running with them and knocking each other down. that's my kinda sport.
so i decided to take a cue from christina (second skin) and wear my harness with real every day clothes. i think she managed hers a bit better but this is my take on it. i love my clyde's rebirth harness. she's so pretty! and i think it looks great with grey. i don't know why, but i do. and you guys are gonna have to rip these moccs off my cold lifeless feet before i'll take them off. man, i love these things!
and i updated the shop again last night so there are lots more lovelies to buy if you are so inclined. there are a few things in there that i think are totally rad and would love to see a friend rock it out hard core.
and tomorrow is the last day to get your postcards postmarked to me!! has anyone sent theirs? i'll be sorely disappointed if i don't get any. i haven't checked the mail at my store yet but be sured that i will today and i better see some cards from you guys!!
jeans-bdg, urban outfitters
tank-american apparel


avalonne lou summers said...

Aww you're such a great girlfriend. I hate soccer haha... can't stand it! I did watch the first few matches and I was bored within the first minute!!! Haha. Bad. Aw your moccasins are so cute! The weather looks really nice over there :)

Becky said...

Your shoes are amazing! Love the blog ♥

jessica said...

love those moccs!!!!

merl said...

The M convinced me to watch soccer with him last night.. it was the Portugal game, which he had missed earlier in the day due to work. So I got to listen to his grunts and squeals.. and he had to wear a face mask with me. Fair trade off me thinks.

I couldn't ask for better spokes models than you and Christina. Ladies make my stuff look GOOD.

Clare said...

Love this simple, casual outfit, and the harness is the perfect touch! I've been watching the world cup like crazy; all my colleagues, friends, family, and boyfriend are obsessed, so it's hard for me to not get into it!

Kimberellie said...

Okay, you are rocking this outfit hardcore. I ADORE it. This is seriously my fav look I have seen all week.

Also, I totally missed the postcard thing you are referring to. I would search for it on your blog, but I know myself... Getting things in the mail is not my strong suit.

Oh, and I LOVE that song!!! We should do a mix CD exchange. I think I could get my bum to the mailbox for that!

Zoƫ said...

Total groovy rock star.

I love this look and I completely missed the bit about the postcard! So, you better believe you're gonna get something awesome like a Buffalo.


And I would die in those moccs, too.

.Haiku Ambulance

Hannah said...

Everyda I love your blog more and more. You always look stylish, and the outfits you wear are real-life outfits.
Your harness is so unique- it makes the outfit. Along with those great moccs.

Diya said...

LOVE your shoes!!!

hellolyndsey said...

you always look absolutely darling, love! I missed reading your blogs like crazy. I'm so glad we finally go the internet back and I can have some crunch time to catch up :). and i saw your tweet on buying the shoes, i can totally understand how you were so happy about them! They are gorgeous!!!

Lisa said...

Your hair looks fantastic! Those moccasins are too cute and so comfy too.

Second Skin said...

YES YES YES YES YES. This is SOooooo goood. perfect in fact! And I really hope you know, since I have made it very clear to you several times, that you are on my list of girls to spend the weekend with. It will happen.