Monday, June 14, 2010

it's a push-shove world but there's always a chance

song of the day: 'maniac' by michael sembello
we went out to take these pictures across the street under the carport another business uses during the week. we snapped a few and then out of nowhere it started raining! it was a good thing we were under cover because we would've been soaked. but it was pretty cool because then we saw a rainbow. and i'm super sorry about the look on my face in most of these pictures. i don't know if it was the sun i got from running in the dead middle of the day when it was freaking hot or the two beers i just drank, but i look a little haggard.
i had such a great weekend and am more than a little disappointed that it's already monday morning. especially since it's a bit rainy still. but i was able to do some fun thrifting and such on saturday and bought this sweater. i also got loads of things to put in the etsy store and even managed to take pics yesterday afternoon. man, i was so productive! so i'm going to be posting those pieces starting today. also look for some things to go on sale in the store too, just sayin. and i even have plans to rework my blog and give it a little shake up. whew! i'm a busy lady.
of course, i may scrap all those ideas in favor of a nap. you never know. i'm awfully sleepy.
remember to send your postcards!!!
skirt-vintage, hemmed by me
sweater-vintage, cheap thrills (fav vintage store in fayetteville)
moccasins-action is the fruit, i have seriously been living in these things!


Carys said...

I love the knitted jumper and print of your skirt! Your hair is so lovely too!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Rosie said...

Send some of that productiveness my way! I sure could use it! You look awesome as usual, I'm really digging those mocs! I should break mine out.

The Daily Fashionista said...

Love this outfit!!! The comfy shorts seem so appealing on a hot summer day.

Anonymous said...

Great little summer sweater!! So adorable! Yes, please send some me some productivity, I'm so behind on everything :) I love the moccasins, they are so very Amanda!!!