Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i feel so dirty when they start talking cute

song of the day: 'jessie's girl' by rick springfield
i wish matt's name was jessie. that would be so cool. but then again i already have an 80s song about me. i guess i'm just being greedy. but still it would be cool.
i seriously thought i might fall to my death here. i didn't, by the way.
i wasn't terribly excited about how these came out. it has nothing to do with my sweet photographer, he did a great job. it was me. i was being excruciatingly unphotogenic. bleh.
i'm wearing a combination of sweatpants and terry cloth. in my opinion, when you put accessories with something, and a pair of total rad shoes, you can get away with loungewear being daily wear. am i right? well i think so anyway.
i have a great idea for another giveaway! turns out i really love giving you guys stuff so in the next week-ish i'll be telling you all about it. it'll be different than the others in terms of how you enter, but i promise it'll be super fun.
alright, go and have a wonderful day!
shirt-vintage, thrift store
necklace-vintage, etsy
shoes-cv for target


doublysweet said...

it's cool how you made sweats in to a really cute day outfit--im a fan!

Kayla said...

I adore those shoes! I loved them so much last time you wore them, I may have stalked my local Target as well as online. No such luck yet so were them extra cute for me!!

Second Skin said...

yes you are right!! Kick ass shoes+anything in the freaking world= killer outfit! Especially when they are THESE shoes! Holy woman! I had no idea they were from target! in my head they were impossible for me to have vintage! They are magical! Where have I been! (shallow browsing via bloglovin has its down sides) Oh and SERIOUSLY!!!??? you have seen (and probably watched repeatedly) Emmet Otters Jug band Christmas!! You're just effing with me right!! that is so cool! DESTINATION: AMANDA"S HOUSE OR BUST for drinks and laughs and Emmet!! I still have no concept of the east coast or where ever the hell you are and just picture you in arizona where I was born (I have no idea why I keep putting you there) but I will find my way to you one day. In the least stalkerish sense of the way. So be ready mamacita! (don't worry I would have to email you and rediscover your whereabouts and plan a weekend that works for both of us and buy my ticket far in advance to get a good rate and all that bullshit so it wont be a surprise) but I will get there someday!

Amanda said...

So I totally didn't know those pants were for lounging until you said you're right, you CAN get away with it!

Your shoes are amazing and I think you look quite photogenic lady :]

Carys said...

Wow, those shoes are so great!! The rest of your outfit is so simply chic, the contrast works really well! I love your necklace too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Carys said...

Wow, those shoes are so great!! The rest of your outfit is so simply chic, the contrast works really well! I love your necklace too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

1. Seeing your shoes makes me want to cry again that I didn't spring for CV wedges when I had the chance.

2. I will now have Jessie's Girl in my head for the rest of the day.

3. You look fabulous.

Visit Bella Vita and enter to win in a giveaway every day this week!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i really love this! it amazes me when i see bloggers pulling off sweatpants so nicely - i know i could never do it myself.

can't wait for the giveaway.

KT said...

This shirt is a GREAT thrift-store find! It looks great on you.

Kimberellie said...

Love this look. Those are sweats? They are AWESOME. And yes, you are totally getting away with/pulling this off.

Oh, and your comment about your husband's name: LOL. I always figure the one thing my husband is missing is an accent. LOVE accents.

Oh, we girls. So silly.

Oh and shoes love love love those shoes!!!

Clare said...

Oh my gosh, I just love this!! You totally jazzed up that terry cloth with those accessories. Love it!!

kornrose said...

I never saw those CV wedges at Target either...only the brown ones that I missed out on in my size. So cool! I really love the shirt though.

Anonymous said...

Love those pants! They look perfectly comfy and casual.

Anonymous said...

I want that shirt because it is so cool but can also double as a beach towel :)

You look fabulous Doll, and always so beautifully photogenic!!!

Modesty is Pretty said...

what a great outfit and those shoes are killers! I want them.=)

Leproust Vintage said...

oh my gosh, so funny! I was just actually thinking that this was one of my favorite posts this week, as I read that you weren't crazy about the photos! I LOVE this outfit, and Jessie's girl is seriously one of my favorite songs!

princesspolitico said...

that vintage top is BOSS... love the stripes and in NO WAY do you look "blah" :) great post!


Wanderlusting Fool said...

ooo love that this outfit is made up of sweatpants and a terry cloth top. Its super cute and I completely agree that with the right accessories it really works! Love it!

Jessica said...

Love this! That shirt is super cute.