Thursday, June 10, 2010

i make you laugh and you make me cry

song of the day: 'time for me to fly' by reo speedwagon
let me start by apologizing profusely for not posting the giveaway! so sorry! i don't know what happened yesterday but i sure did drop the ball. so anyway, i'll be doing that later today. promise!
i need to start scheduling these posts the night before. for the most part, my brain doesn't work before about 9am with coffee and without, well don't expect any signs of life until after lunch. i'm a bit groggy right now. i am so not a morning person and don't really understand people who like mornings. like my son, if i don't distinctly remember birthing him, i'd swear he came from another set of parents. the boy loves to get up early and he doesn't like to be alone.
you guys, i love the show 'so you think you can dance.' watching it last night, i about cried when the final 10 were chosen. it's just so emotional! i can't wait for tonight. the real competition starts and i just love it. i really should've been a dancer and i do blame my mom and dad for the fact that i am not.
and then this is what else was going on while i was taking my pictures. well weird faces like this and leaning far over the ledge so he can see down to the street and so that i will have a heart attack picturing him falling to his demise. kids!
jeans-juicy couture
shoes-cynthia vincent for target


Clare said...

Your legs look MILES long in this outfit; DEFINITELY the legs of a could-be dancer!!

chicfaced said...

there's that damn pair of jeans again. rip my heart out every time.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

dang girl, you have a body made for jeans.

Little Ocean Annie said...

I agree with everyone here, you look great in jeans!
Your kid is so cute! I love when he pops up in your posts. But who doesn't like to be alone, but likes to wake up early!? yikes.

Madilyn Peiper said...

Why was nothing mentioned about that amazing denim purse in the third photo?! I also agree with everyone else on your fantastic jeans and how great you look in them!

Zoë said...

This may be my favorite look of yours ever. So simple, but the details of the CV's and the white ring are AMAZING.

Also, I did some recon and the blouse came from this etsy shop:

Good luck! :)


merl said...

So I saw your comment on Zoe's blog first.. [don't give me lip, she's above you on my list which is organized in alphabetical order] and it made me giggle. then I come here, and you make me chuckle. You still have time to squeeze a guffaw out of me, but it's going to take some work.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

you look like such a BA in those wide leg jeans! i love them!

ChYmEc!nDy** said...

such a cute little boy...

Anonymous said...

how can i get in them jeans? hmmmmm? haha, that sounded kinda wrong. you do look fab though. 70s chic. love it.

April said...

Love this outfit! Retroooo hey hey

Anonymous said...

I always love your pics, but these are some of my faves!! You look straight out of a 70's film, so fabulous!! I really liked that last one where your son popped up, he's always sticking out his tongue LOL

JSotiriou said...

your photographs are amazing but i have to admit, i was moved by the title ;)

Kelly @ blackdog finds said...

^^^^ New follower! I found your blog via lookbook and I love your style! This outfit is something I've been trying to pull off for a while; you do it so well!