Monday, June 28, 2010

i reach for you and you bring me home

song of the day: 'heaven is a place on earth' by belinda carlisle
this is another thing i bought fully intending to put in the shop, but then decided i couldn't quite part with it. it's so not me with its super bright colors and ultra girliness and all. oh well it makes me look tan and i love the buttons down the back and the flowy shorts that make it look like a dress. yep, it's a romper! so super fun! and to be completely honest, i'm not sure the buttons do indeed go up the back. the tag is back there but i am not totally convinced i'm wearing it as i should be. i don't care too much though, i prefer it like this.
do you see the hideous dark clouds behind me? yeah, it was sunny and hot all day and then i began to see these rain clouds roll in about 5:00. i hurried out to take pictures so i wouldn't lose out on my chance and about 20 minutes after this it started pouring. big time rain, i'm talking here. but the sunset was amazing! the most incredible color i've ever seen. the sky was tangerine. and it looked so beautiful against the dark of the buildings lining my street. i took a few pics on my phone but they don't do it justice. i posted it on twitter though if you're inclined to take a look.
what do you think about the new background? wood slats. i think it's pretty rad.
and thanks so much you guys for all the wonderful comments about my shop! it's funny because when you open a shop whether online or traditional, you worry about what other people will think about it. will everyone love it? hate it? think you could have done this or that better? it's hard to put yourself out there for the world to critique sometimes, especially when you put so much time and hard work into something. it's very personal, you know? so thanks for the boost of confidence! and i do wish that all of you could come by and see it and chat with me.
i'll go into more detail about stuff tomorrow probably. i kinda forgot that i wanted to talk more about it and i feel like i've used up my allotted blogging time. this is already kinda a lot to read on a monday morning. but anyhoo, thanks!! you guys are the best :)
romper-vintage, manna center
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Rosie said...

I just love the print on that super cute dress. I think you should put it in your shop because I want to own itttttt!

Lara said...

We had some nasty rain last week. The sky did the same thing! It was bright orange and all the clouds were purple. It was incredible. Too bad my camera is slowly dying and any pictures I tried to take of it were useless.

Think Twice Style said...

Love that print! Try it on backwards and wear it one day, just for fun! No one has to know the tag is in the front.


veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

love the print on the romper, and the lovely new background.

Anonymous said...

I would give anything for your hair. I love it!

wardrobeexperience said...

i love the bold floral print of this romper... pretty cool and very cute.


merl said...

we had the same sky a week or so ago! it was raining, then kind of tapered off so the sunset could shine through.. we had a double rainbow right outside our apt and the most incredible bright orange sky. It was pretty mesmerizing. I hear ya on the critique too.. Unless I ask for honest opinions, keep your negative nancy downer comments to yourself. I want only praise and compliments ;)

Anonymous said...

So, so pretty! I'm totally jealous that you can pull off a romper!

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Anonymous said...

i dig the wood slat background. it IS rad. ;) i miss midwest summer storms. so much. and the funky clouds and colors it will often create in the early evening. so amazing...and super peaceful after a storm, don't you think? i can't wait to be HOME in two weeks. yay! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute romper!!! I saw your tweet earlier and was AMAZED! I don't get to see skies like that often on the densely populated east coast. Love the rustic look of the barnwood background! Very cool!!

Anonymous said...

Dang gina, you do look super tan! I'm really liking the new woodsy background on your blog by the way.

Kayla said...

That dress brightens those dark clouds right up! I love your blog. Newest follower right here!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Clare said...

Love the new background, and this is such a bright, cheery piece!!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i have not fully embraced the romper trend, but this one is SO cute!

also, i love the new look!

Ana - Toil and Trouble said...

Amazing shoes!! I keep waiting for some great size 5 vintage shoes to show up, but it never happens. My feet are a curse.

Lisa said...

YOu always find the cutest rompers and this one is gorgeous! Love the colors. Nice new blog layout, the wood is very pretty:)

Danielle said...

Liking the shoes!