Friday, June 4, 2010

the rays of the sun are streaming through the waves in your hair

song of the day: 'making love out of nothing at all' by air supply
man i love this song. when it comes on my ipod, i really crank up the volume and belt it out like a rock star. i really need to get this on vinyl.
i am so ready for this week to be over! matt has been working crazy hours and i miss him. wednesday he got home at 1:30 in the morning! plus, i have just about reached my quota of mother/son time. he's adorable and i love him, but mom's ready for a break! and i know matt's super tired and stressed with all the projects he has to get finished. saturday afternoon cannot come soon enough!
and in other more bizarre news, the water pressure in the shower has mysteriously changed and now if feels like i'm showering in a hail storm. it whips around the curtain liner and the steam is suffocating. and it changed all on it's own! very strange.
sorry about the randomness of this post. anyway, i wore my scarf kinda tucked into my pants because i don't really like this shirt. and i've seen some other gals sport something similar. i like how it turned out. and i love the light in the photos too. i'm certain i couldn't recreate it if i tried.
shirt-american apparel
scarf-vintage, thrifted


Amelia said...

i really like how the scarf looks tucked in! the colours here are all so perfect for summer.
good luck with the mysteriously badly behaved shower!

love from amelia of la ville inconnue

Rosie said...

Beautiful photos! Great idea with the scarf!!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i love how this turned out! i've been seeing girls do this a lot on chictopia - i actually favorited one of the pictures to try to recreate later. i think i may actually like it better with pants, as you styled it!

Zoë said...

I love the belted scarf- seen it around as well, but I think you have pulled it off best. I like how you tucked.

Also, I forgot to tell you that that little striped, cropped tank came from Urban Outfitters Sale last weekend.

Unfortunately I just scanned the Sale section online and couldn't find it, but there were seriously like 20 at my local store. And it was 9.99. So good luck, I plan on living in it this summer, myself! :)

acute angle said...

LOVE the scarf idea! You look lovely as per usual!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

such a pretty look .. and the sun streaming in on you looks wonderful!

chicfaced said...

you may not be able to recreate the light in this post but I for sure will be trying to recreate this scarf idea! Love it!

I'm gonna be e-mailing you soon - look out!

merl said...

You make me smile :) I sincerely love reading your posts because they are so genuine and goofy. Obviously goofy rates very high on my list of traits I demand in friends. Plan your trip to portland this summer already, because I don't want to hear you whining about how you missed out on awesome Annie and Merl time.

sophiasa said...

I love that you tucked the scarf in!! I've been playing with mine lately, tying it behind me to fashion a fringey-type vest, but tucking it in-I never thought of that! Ima have to try it cuz you look great!

Anonymous said...

LOVELY! Great idea tucking in your scarf. So creative and chic.

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The Daily Fashionista said...

Adorable outfit! I really like the bright scarf tucked into the pants.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

You look fabulous! I think the skirt into pants is hard to pull off, but you definitely did!

Have a great weekend!!

Kimberellie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Will have to try it. You look awesome times a million!

Diya said...

I really like how you wore your scarf... it's very original. I might just have to try that

Seval said...

Ask me about tough weeks! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Seriously, I loved the way you used the scarf! There are so many ways to wear a scarf! And this is so beautiful to make a simple outfit look much better and interseting! I loved this idea and I may still it soon :)

Cáti said...

Your style is very cute :)

I've recently created my blog and I would love to know your opinion.

Thanks *

myedit said...

This silhouette looks great on you. I love a good high waist!

Clare said...

You've been totally rocking the summer scarves lately. I love this!

Danielle said...

Hmmm, interesting look. I love the versatility of scarves