Sunday, June 6, 2010

i can feel his approach like the fire in my blood

song of the day: 'holding out for a hero' by bonnie tyler
good song, no? thankfully i've already found my hero :)
i wore this to church this morning and then afterwards matt and i went behind the chiropractor's building.... to take pictures!! jeepers, get your minds out of the gutter! anyway, i didn't realize that they had a blue door back there. pretty cool. kinda dirty, but cool nonetheless.
i bought this dress from my favorite thrift store from the junior's section all hidden away and waiting for me to discover it. it's so super 90s with it's high neck and sheer top with the lace! ah, good stuff.
i'm watching 'the notebook' right now while writing this. not sure why cuz i don't really like it, but for some reason i can't turn it off. it's taken me like a half hour to write this post because i'm so super absorbed in this stupid movie! i think it's really that i don't want to like it and want to think i'm above sappy romantic movies. i'm not. there i admit it. i like sappy movies! and books. well i like books that are heartbreakingly romantic. like 'the time traveler's wife' and my favorite of all time the outlander series. anyone know of other books like those? i'm in the market. i'm reading 'the reader' right now and hoping it picks up. but it's really short and i'm gonna need something else soon.
i think i'll be revealing my next giveaway this week. i just have to finalize the logistics of the way in which you enter it. it'll be a good one!
shoes-lower east side, ebay
purse-bought from a lady


The Daily Fashionista said...

I love the way you accessorized your dress! The necklace and the sunglasses are a pretty touch:)

Shallow Mallow said...

That same movie smashed my anti-soppiness barriers too. Worth the watch for those dresses alone :-)

Modesty is Pretty said...

I love your hair, it's so wavy.

Carys said...

Lovely dress, your belt is really nice too!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

avalonne summers said...

A simple black dress is the most elegant and chic look ever. You look so pretty!

Little Ocean Annie said...

You look so chic!
I don't really like that movie all that much either, yet for some reason I watched it last week.

KLVG said...

This whole outfit feels...almost mysterious, like you've got a secret but aren't saying! I am loving it! Those sunnies are absolutely fantastic.

Eva said...

Try "A Room With a View" by EM Forster

I like your blog.

Rosie said...

Love those sunglasses. you look beautiful!

Amanda said...

You look lovely! I'm not above painful romantic movies/books either. I feel like watching them is so heartbreaking, but I love them anyways. I guess I'm a bit of a romantic masochist?

Jessica said...

Super chic - you look so pretty!