Tuesday, July 6, 2010

born in the wagon of a travelin' show

song of the day: 'gypsies, tramps and thieves' by cher
yeah this song is from the 70s but i thought it just so went with my outfit.
i started this post in the morning but loads of things kept getting in the way! but all is good for now and i'm snacking on watermelon and blackberries. nom nom. over the last few days i've probably eaten an entire watermelon all on my own. i am fairly certain that the one that's cut up in the fridge is not going to see tomorrow.
watching anthony bourdain's show 'no reservations' last night on the travel channel really got me feeling restless. i am so ready for vacation. like a permanent vacation on a gorgeous tropical island where we live in a small hut on the beach and work in a little tourist shop in the town to make extra money for living expenses. of course i'd have to home school the kiddo but i'm sure we could manage. we'd maybe have a boat so we could go around to other islands. i could wake up every morning and run in the surf, eat fresh fruit all day long, drink wine in the evenings while listening to the waves crash against the shore., go to sleep with the wind in the palms singing me a lullaby. for realz, guys. doesn't that sound amazing? that's part of our 5 year plan. let the little one get a few years of school under his belt and then skip the country. do you guys have dreams like that? like, what do you want to be doing in five years? ten years? i'm curious.
dress-vintage, ebay
moccasins-vintage, action is the fruit


veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

love the print on this dress!

i ate an entire (small) watermelon by myself last night. so tasty.

Madilyn Peiper said...

My five year plan is rather boring compared to yours! Mine is basically to finish both of my degrees, get married to the boyfriend and maybe start a family. Not quite as glamorous as yours but I'm excited nonetheless!

sharonlei said...

I love Anthony Bourdain and No Reservations... and I love your dress! I also love living on and island. :)

xx Love & Aloha
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merl said...

You forgot to add that your bringing me with. As a wardrobe consultant. I can't even think about next week, let alone next year, and it makes me nauseous to think of multiple. Not exactly the greatest strength when you own your own business haha. I'm more of a live in the moment kind of person, mostly because I just don't have the attention span to think far ahead. Did I mention I'm a gemini? ha.

come up to portland in a month. seriously.

Anonymous said...

No Reservations always gets us jazzed about travel too :) I would be satisfied just to work abroad for a year. That is in my 5 year plan, but has been for about 15 years LOL!

You look great girl, very boho chic! You would totally fit in Honduras or anywhere else in Central America. I wish you the best in getting to your paradise!!

Think Twice Style said...

Your song of the day is in my Top 5 Favorite Songs of All Time! We grow watermelons in our garden, have you ever had a yellow one? I love red ones, but the yellow is lightyears better! That frock is awesome, such a good find!

avalonne lou summers said...

I can't tell you enough how much I adore those moccasins and that dress is divine! The perfection caftan bohemian dress! You look gorgeous!

raven said...

this bohemian dress is lovely! but i must add that your calves are freaking amazing!! *jealous*


chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

love this dress and love the island adventure. I watched Blue Lagoon about a million times as a kid and always thought it would be the most amazing adventure.

my mister and I have been talking about how we could manage to sail around the world for a year with the kids. Maybe not now while they are so young, but sometime in the not-too-distant future. That an live in Iceland for a year since he is Icelandic but was born/raised in Norway.