Sunday, August 1, 2010

i've got nowhere left to hide

song of the day: 'i want to know what love is' by foreigner
last night we went to this really cute old-school park in the next town. it still has the old metal playground equipment i remember when i was little, like the twisty slide and the swings you sit in like a chair and bars you push and pull to make yourself go. brings back fun memories. anyway, the three of us played a bit and matt snapped my pictures. we couldn't stay long because it was getting late, plus the mosquitos were eating us alive. we really need to go there more often. it's just good clean family fun and it's rarely crowded. i just kinda forget about it.


Carys said...

I love your shoes, and your shirt is such a nice colour!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Kimberellie said...

Love this look. Those pants are perfect on you!

Oh, and CONGRATS on the front page of Chictopia! AGAIN! You are so my hero. How happy this makes me to see you kicking butt in blogland, esp. since you have an etsy shop and that all must help and maybe with your real shop too? Anyway, great to see you so blessed!! And stylin', always stylin'. ;-)

Amanda said...

You look super cute, love the shoes! Parks really are good clean fun, I take advantage of them whenever possible. I especially love see-saws!

jamie-lee said...

I really love this look - it's perfect! The colour of that blouse is gorgeous xx

Kate Maggie said...

My next stop for tomorrow : a playground. You have just made me want to spend hours playing on all of the equipment. I just thought back to all of the good times I used to have at parks. You look gorgeous in this blue color and I wish skinny jeans looked that good on me. x

*rachelwears said...

looooove this- the blue and black are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

oh you look adorable today! that blue really suits you.

also, i always love your songs of the day and they tend to get stuck in my head for the 5 minutes or so following me reading your blog. this is a good thing :D

eelectroCutee said...

love your blue blouse and brown oxford... :)

Clare said...

These pictures are so fantastically fun!