Monday, August 9, 2010

you play hide and seek

song of the day: 'straight up' by paula abdul
i had a pretty good weekend. nice and relaxing, just how i like them :)
i did have this skirt in my etsy shop, but the other day i noticed that it had a hole in it where it was patched by a previous owner. it's really hard to see, but i don't feel right selling it. so i made it a bit shorter and now i'm wearing it! so fun to do stuff like that. i 'borrow' things all the time. which is great. it's kinda like i have a double wardrobe. if i can't find anything to wear out of my own closet, i'll peruse the stash for the shop. one of the perks i guess.
i do have hopes of adding to my etsy in the very near future. i actually took a picture on saturday, but i was sweating by the end so i kinda stopped it at one. there are a few things i've worn in the past that are going in the shop, so i may just use those pics. don't know yet. but i really haven't given it very much of my attention as of late and i feel really bad about it. there are so many super creative gals out there who put so much time and effort into their stores, and it makes such a huge difference. and i've just sort of been feeling bad about how lazy i've been. i mean, really? it's not like i don't have the time! so it's a definite goal. i'll let you know when things start rolling.
ok, so have a great rest of your monday. hope it's a good one :)
shirt-thrifted sweatshirt i cut up
skirt-used to be in my shop
shoes-borrowed from the shop.


maggeygrace said...

Haha! I listen to straight up when I work out :) That's so funny!

Gorgeous skirt. I think it was fate that it be yours with the hole.


Little Ocean Annie said...

You should just use the existing pictures you have to get the ball rolling and get you in the listing mood. I've been slacking on that, too. I'll list if you do?

Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

How fun to be able to 'borrow' from you shop! If you ever offer sewing lessons, sign me up.. I could really use them. Also I love the knot in your sweater, so cute!