Saturday, August 21, 2010

RIP favorite shoes

Picture 1
yesterday morning i put on my favorite shoes, checked myself out in front of the mirror, and headed out the door. it was just like any other day. i wasn't being particularly harsh with my shoes. there was no running or rock climbing or even trudging through field or stream. i merely walked the few blocks to my shop. it was a very hot day and i was terribly sweaty when i opened my shop door and stepped into the air conditioned coolness. maybe it was the abrupt change in climate? i don't know. but i do remember my shoes feeling a bit roomier and more comfortable on the walk over. so i proceeded to do my normal opening routine and then sat down to eat lunch. that is when i noticed the first telltale signs of decline. and well you can only imagine that it was all downhill after that. so sad, so very sad. matt suggested i bring them in to get fixed but i'm not sure it's worth it since i only paid $5 for them. i am certain i have gotten my money's worth. still that is little consolation. i will miss my little brown oxfords. a moment of silence, if you please.
Picture 2
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but hey, it gives me an excuse to shop for a new pair! always look of the bright side of life :)


Archives said...

if they're leather, you can totally have them fixed!

rainbows & fairydust said...

hahahah lol!! You totally crack me up! I LOVE that you though they felt roomier and more comfy!!

such a funny post, I'm sorry that I am laughing, you just tickled me!

RIP shoes, they have been good to you! ...

I'm still laughing ... I think its your toes poking out the bottom!

Snappy-Q said...

Oh sad! But kind of funny, and now you get new ones which is always good!
Nice Hipstamatic pics btw!

KristiMcMurry said...


The Village Idiot said...

it's seriously a tragic event!!!
i have these awesome nine west boots that "talk"- but i won't throw them out

Clara said...

wow! so sad.. ;/