Sunday, August 15, 2010

it was so hot outside you could fry an egg

song of the day: 'stay (wasting time)' by dave matthews band (yeah yeah it's not 80s i know)
you guys, yesterday was so hot! we had to do some stuff in fayetteville which is about 30 minutes from where we live and by the time we got there i had sweat through my shorts! yeah super embarrassing when you consider that my shorts are somewhat transparent to start with (like you could see the stripes from my shirt through the shorts). thankfully they dry out quick otherwise it coulda been a disaster! but that's one reason i wear dark or heavily patterned running shorts. i have an insane amount of butt sweat. sorry, it's just something you should know about me. i am 100% not glamorous. but really, leather seats in the summer in a car with no a/c is pretty intense. just sayin.
but i have developed a shorts fetish. i really really love them. these pink lovelies were once pants that i bought from the 50 cent rack at my favorite thrift store. i thought pink pants would be too much so shorts they became. and i love that tights can extend the life of any garment. so shorts are def my new obsession.
also polka dots. can't get enough of those cute little circles. i'm on a mad hunt for a black/white or navy/white polka dot something. haven't decided whether it should be a shirt or dress or whatever, but i need to find it quick.
anyone else have new obsessions? a new season always seems to do that to me.
shirt-rodarte for target
shorts-vintage pants turned shorts
shoes-vintage bass


Archives said...

love the stipe/pink combo!

Anonymous said...

Love this retro look. Your haircut is perfection :)


Kimberellie said...

I am with you on the shorts! Love higher waisted shorts. So classy. Such a brilliant thing to do making them into shorts too. Perfect, pink pants would be a bit much! But pink shorts? pinkperfection!

Eunice said...

fantastic look. loving those shorts!

Anonymous said...

Those pink shorts are perfect - the fit, cut and color! And I love them paired with the striped tee.

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit - super fun for summer. Those sneaks are too cute!


Fashion-rocks said...

love the stripes.

Danielle said...

I reallllyyy like the shorts.