Monday, August 2, 2010

everybody's looking for something

song of the day: 'sweet dreams are made of this' by the eurythmics
wow, i can't believe it's already august! where has the summer gone?
better yet, where has the year gone? time is just flying by incredibly
fast. the next two months are going to bring about some pretty big
milestones for me and it's leaving me feeling a little out of control.
like time is slipping away from me and i just worry that i'm not making
the most of it. i mean, i'm very happy and feel super blessed with
all that i've been given. i have an amazing husband, a sweet little
boy, a fun business, a cool house, a rad car, great health, a blog i
love putting together, and many more things i don't deserve. but
sometimes i just wish i could grab time and hold it still so it couldn't
keep on moving. then i could breathe and languish in these moments.
instead, i'm left sitting here wondering where the last year has gone.
i don't want to coast through my life and at the end of it wonder what
i did all those years. my dad has a bucket list that he's slowing
checking things off of. i think it's wonderful that he's at a point in his
life where he can do the things he's always wanted to do and see cool
places. the only thing about that is, i don't want to wait until i'm his age
to accomplish all i want to accomplish. i'm not guaranteed tomorrow
or even tonight so i have to make the most of what i've given right now.
which isn't to say that i need to be irresponsible in what i choose to do,
but that i need to find ways to make my dreams come true today and not
wait till later. does all that make sense? i just don't want to be disappointed
with life when i get to the end of it.
ok, so i know that was a bit heavy so i apologize for that. but
i did get a big surprise yesterday and was featured on the chictopia
home page! it made me smile :)
thanks everyone for all your support and comments and friendship
even if it's only via the internet. i really love it!
Picture 1
shoes-nyc boutique


Rosie said...

I hear ya with time moving way too fast! Congrats on Chictopia again, that's freaking awesome! I'm loving what you put together today. Those shoes are killer!

Second Skin said...

I absolutely understand how you are feeling. You words are my thoughts exactly. All of them actually. It must be a very reflective time for everyone right now.

Your outfit is really amazing by the way, and so was yesterday's (congrats on the Chictopia thing!) and the day before's (THAT SHIRT!!) and the day before that's (THAT DRESS KILLS ME EVERY TIME!) You are just one of the most stylish women I know on the internet.

Clare said...

Gah, I can't tell you how much I relate to this post. It's so easy to get wrapped up in the to-do lists and lose sight of the can't-miss list.

Congrats on the Chictopia feature!

Kimberellie said...

Yeah again on the Chictopia front page!

Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. So chic!

As for your thoughts: I know what you mean. What I try to do is really be present, not all the time, that's impossible, but every day at some points. Like when I am playing with my son: I make certain to really see, feel, smell touch, be. I guess because he's a baby right now I am sort of trying to commit his babyness to memory. I think this might work for the rest of life too.

Anonymous said...

I have been feeling the same recently. I think my Dad said it best when he said, "The first 20 years of your life are the slowest and the next 20 are the fastest." Hrmph.

You look amazing though. That top and dress combo is so chic.


Robyn said...

I saw you on the Chictopia front page yesterday! I am a big fan of your style and especially your hair. This outfit is particularly chic.

minnja said...

Great outfit again!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the chictopia thing!

i'm so glad i found your blog, i find your style refreshingly effortless and just pretty much perfect!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you do so much, I'm constantly inspired by you and all that you accomplish!!! Your perseverance in running, taking pics and blogging every day, having a family, living in a place you guys renovated yourselves, finding fabulous vintage clothing and having your own shop. You are like my idol and you are six years younger!!! For instance, I'm so in love with that outfit I want to cry. I look forward to seeing you and reading your thoughts every day :)