Wednesday, August 4, 2010

everyday is like survival

song of the day: 'karma chameleon' by culture club
so sorry that my post is late today. if i don't get it done before i run in the mornings, then it's just so much harder to find the time. i really need to schedule these things the night before. why haven't i done that yet? i think it's because i've never done it and i'm so afraid to mess it up. it's bound to happen.
in light of my recent ramblings on feeling restless and what not, i started doing something about it last night. i began purging the closet. it felt so good to get out a lot of clothes that i didn't love any more and reorganize. i'm itching to do that through the whole house. i think i need a cleansing. having too much stuff makes me feel stuck. maybe that's part of my problem, i don't like feeling tied down. the closet in my guest room is filled to overflowing with stuff. i haven't used even one thing in there for the last year. why do i have it? there's a cupboard in the living room that nine times out of ten when you open it, crap just starts spilling out of it. it's mostly because i don't organize things so that just fuels the flame of overwhelmedness (is that a word?). so it looks like that's what i'll be doing over the next couple of weeks. i just need to lighten the load, ya know? and maybe make a little extra cash by having a garage sale. always a silver lining :)
i just thrifted these shorts the other day. i love them so very much. and the brand is maybe the best part about them: a state of mind by palmetto's. there's even a little palm tree on the label. i'm certain these shorts were made just for me. no matter the circumstances, you can have joy and be happy. it's a state of mind.
shirt-borrowed from my shop


Anonymous said...

I love the part about having too much stuff makes you feel stuck! I think that's exactly my problem!! Sometimes I just stand in the middle of my small room and feel helpless cause I just have so much crap and long for a clean, minimalistic room. We should send eachother some of our unwanted things! (Although that wouldn't solve the problem of having too much stuff aha)

Oh, and I love those shorts too!!! The whole outfit looks fab

Anonymous said...

great blog! creepy though, i was looking at your aug 3 post, wished for one for today, refreshed, & voila

Pawi Macarena said...

great outfit :)
hey! you have beautiful legs :D

have a nice day and don't forget to visit my blog :)

Little Ocean Annie said...

Yes, purge purge purge, lady!! I hate having too much stuff, and I always feel better when our home is full only with things we love and use. It makes everyday life and tidying up so much easier, too. Plus, whatever you don't sell at your yard sale (great idea!) you can donate. I know most thrift stores will give you discount coupons for donations.

Also, your shorts are super duper cute and you look so beautiful!

Clare said...

This is such a perfect look! I'm totally inspired to try cuffing my navy shorts next time I wear 'em!

Anthea said...

I love everything about this outfit! You look great. I am such a sucker for brown lately. It looks great with your white shirt.

Embracing Style

paige said...

i kid you not, i put together an exact replica of this outfit BEFORE i saw this post!! but guess what i added? yep! a scarf belt. ;)

PUUUUURGE. i'm purging too. only i'm purging people.

changes are good.

congrats on the chictopia thing, too! i don't kow if told you that...

(barefoot & vintage)

Anonymous said...

ohhh these shorts are GREAT! and very, very you.

kerry said...

found you off chictopia, really love your style and now of course your blog :) you're giving me inspiration, you keep things simple yet interesting!!!!

shealennon said...

I love this look--it's classic, it's summery, it's got your signature vintage feel. I might just have to recreate it!

Danielle said...

I wish I could wear shorts like that, but my butt's too big... haha