Tuesday, August 10, 2010

as real as it may seem

song of the day: 'only in my dreams' by debbie gibson
speaking of dreams, over the weekend i had a dream that we moved to germany and now it's on our list of places to live. there's a missionary boarding school over there that matt could maybe teach at. i don't know, it's a thought!
went thrifting and bought these shorts and this bag. another dooney!!! trying to pry my hands off of it to sell. what do you think? would you guys be interested? it's not in fantastic condition, like it has a couple of white marks on the front that you may be able to see from the pictures. the inside looks great, but the front clasp is losing it's cold plating. ugh, i can't decide. mostly because i love it. i know i don't need it but it's so cute! i mean, look at it. precious, right?
shorts-vintage, thrifted
bag-vintage, thrifted
shoes-upper east side, ebay
tank-from forever ago


Anonymous said...

The bag is really adorable, lots o' character. Love those shoes with the shorts.


Chaucee said...

Love those shorts! Very cute. And I need a Dooney in my life.

Archives said...

the bag looks like it's in pretty decent condition! whenever i find d&b's they're totally worn out and damaged.

good find :)

Kimberellie said...

Love those shorts. Funny, I am wearing high waisted shorts in my blog today too! Yeah, we rock.

And the bag IS cute. But not for me I'm afraid, no room for diapers!

Oh, and Germany? That would be so cool.

Eunice said...

those shorts are perfect!! you have incredible style!


Anonymous said...

Great finds!! I love the shorts so much, especially how the rolls look, perfect!!!! I don't know anything about purses, so I can't be of any help there, but it is super cute :)

Danielle @ Antiquated Treasures said...

I lovelovelovelovelove these shorts!!!

Danielle said...

I want shorts like that!