Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it's a bittersweet goodbye

song of the day: 'i'm not gonna cry' by corey smith
you know when i was having my crisis and talking about all these milestones coming up in my life and how i was feeling overwhelmed and strange and whatnot? well, the first milestone is today: my sweet boy starts kindergarten. it's kind of a big deal. this is a new stage of his life and one i can't be totally a part of. this is the beginning of letting go. and for me, i'm watching not only my first, but my only child grow up and be independent. it's both exciting and terrifying. i mean, truly, my heart is full to overflowing seeing him get ready for this next step in his life. but i also know that i'm slowly being replaced. yeah, it's a pretty big deal. i know a lot of you can't relate, but you may be in this situation in the future. and i'm just gonna warn you now, it's one of the sweetest moments.
he looks pretty excited, no?


Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

Oh my goodness that 'first day of school' photo just makes me hear melt! What a cutie! Hope you're okay as he ventures off to school ;)

And I love your flowy-shorts-that-look-like-a-skirt. So lovely with a loose and cozy sweater.


RETRO REVA said...

I LOVE this outfit !!!
I may need to copy it.
It is so simple and chic.
Your style is terrific :)

Eunice said...

you look amazing! love everything about your outfit. and i hope your boy enjoys his first day at school :)

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Kate Maggie said...

This post made me so teary! Ah, I cant believe its his first day of kindergarten. How exciting! He looks so cute and all ready for it - and you look like such a babe of a Mum. I imagine how hard it would be. This is such an exciting time though! I pray that he makes great friends and has a lovely teacher. Hope your week is great Amanda!! x

Anonymous said...

Oh, you even look reflective in today's photos! What great lighting too :)

I really love reading the blogs of slightly more adult ladies than myself (heh that sounds weird) because I like to soak up all the bits and pieces of advice and pearls of wisdom that are embedded in the posts. It's like having a dozen or so big sisters who are just a few years older!! Ok I'll stop being weird now. xx

KristiMcMurry said...

oh my goodness he is the cutest little thing EVER!!!

.Alyspank said...

Just remember... kids may grow up, but mothers can never be replaced! You'll always be his mommy!

Cute outfit by the way. Im digging the larger sweater with the petite skirt!

Anonymous said...

I love those shorts - I could have sworn they were a skirt! And how you chose to keep the larger sweater untucked. Ahh your son is so cute! He actually reminds me of my brother who's just 9.

Kimberellie said...

I absolutely adore this outfit. The white sweater and the shorts, so perfect.

also here's an awesome book I read recently about "holding on to your kids"

I totally recommend it for anyone who is a parent! Reading it gave me hope that my son WON'T one day "hate me"!

chelsea lee aka spicklebee said...

Here I am, finally catching up on my blog reading after a whirlwind few weeks since my first born started Kindergarten too. Doesn't it feel like just yesterday that they were tiny babes?

I love the suggestion above of the hold onto your kids book. Lately I feel time slipping away faster than ever!

ps - I'm in love with your bag in this shoot also! thanks for sharing with us!