Monday, February 22, 2010

what's yours is mine

i am totally wearing matt's shirt right now.

i am also totally freezing right now.

yeah, so i wanted to wear my leggings today for comforts sake and whatever, but i don't have very many tops that are long enough to cover my areas. that's when sharing a closet with a man comes in very handy. i stole this shirt and did a faux wrap with it, belted it, and called it good. this is the funkiest western shirt i've ever seen. every time matt wears it he gets loads of compliments. i'm not saying that i'm expecting a barrage of praise on this outfit or anything, i'm just letting you know what happens to him.
i got my belt for 25 cents last week. not too shabby.
boots-vintage, ebay
socks-my mom
shirt-matt, goodwill
belt-manna center, that's my fav thrift store in town with half price wednesday


M. said...

I looooooove your outfit, that shirt is so cute!

lovelove, M.

calivintage said...

love it. that shirt is seriously amazing and i love the way you styled it up!

Anonymous said...

You have one seriously stylin' boyfriend. I think he and my husband are soulmates :) You look so cute in it!!!

lkfeely said...

that's a great top, the print is so amazing, and you should also get loads of compliments!

chicfaced said...

love it! you look comfortable but still quite chic. and 25 cents is not too shabby indeed.

on an unrelated note, I spent all of last night bedazzling my cash register with rhinestones. I at once recommend it (looks super cute) and don't recommend it (pain in the ass!)

chicfaced said...
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