Thursday, June 24, 2010

love was wilder than the wind

song of the day: 'listen to your heart' by roxette
i had totally forgotten about this song but then a couple danced to it last night on 'so you think you can dance' and i immediately downloaded it. you better believe i'll be jamming out to roxette today.
i had been stalking this dress on etsy for a long time and then last week it went on sale. woohoo! you know i hit the commit to buy button so no one could snatch it away. i love the color, the shiny stripe, the's such a great dress. albeit a little see-through. last night i was standing in the sunlight coming in our front windows and matt said, 'did you wear that dress like that all day? you know you can see through it.' whoops. i didn't really know. and yes i did do a little alteration on it. i made it shorter and took up the skirt on the sides because i felt like it was a little too flowy. i like it a bit better with a slimmer skirt because the top is kinda big. matt even said it was his favorite vintage dress, probs cuz it's basically transparent.
oh, and to clarify, cheap thrills is a store about 30 minutes away that sells both vintage and used clothing. it's awesome. you can sell your clothes and either get store credit or walk away with cold hard cash. and the manna center is a thrift store here in town that i go to A LOT that has half price wednesday and i get a ton of my stuff there.
dress-vintage, etsy
shoes-vintage bass, manna center


tess said...

that dress is a great color on you!

chicfaced said...

I love that you paired the dress with some sneakers - it's a very cool look. I have a vintage dress that's the same shape/fabric that I shortened because the top was bigger and had long sleeves - I think it helps balance out the proportion and all that.
xox, M

Rosie said...

Haha I love the sentence saying this is "Matt's favortite vintage dress probs because its transparent" hilarious.I love this color so much!

merl said...

Dammit. chicfaced beat me to it. I love the dress with sneaks. I had a whole 'kicking it casual style while heating up the charts' thing going but now it just sounds stupid.

Carys said...

The colour of that dress is amazing!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Clare said...

LOVE the color of that dress, and it looks great with the alterations!

avalonne lou summers said...

It's such a great color! I love it! So vibrant and fun! Love the diagonal stripe, if it's a little transparent, it's okay! If you feel insecure, you can always wear a slip dress :) I'm glad you got it for a sale price!

Anonymous said...

So 70s of you. I LOVE IT. You're such a stunner.


Anonymous said...

amanda, always look so amazing. how do you do it?! i want to steal this from your closet. one of my fave colors and it looks like it was made for you.