Wednesday, June 23, 2010

every rose has its thorn

song of the day: 'every rose has its thorn' by poison
man, i had a big scare last night. we updated my iphone to the new os and after it finished syncing up, the whole thing was factory restored. no contacts, no apps, no music, no nothing! where the heck was all my stuff?! that had never happened before and i thought matt hit the wrong button and wiped it out and i was just going to be sick. sick i tell you. but then we plugged it back in the computer and all was right with the world again. it was a little touch and go there for a few minutes though. i admittedly have a slight addiction to my phone and the internets in general. i'll be checking things on the laptop then put it on the table only to pick up my phone and continue on. i think i may have a problem.
i know i wore both the shorts and the sweater recently. i'm not really sorry about repeating so soon as i love these pieces too much. you guys are just lucky i didn't make you look at my moccs again. i love them shoes. and really my sock tan lines are getting so out of control that i only like wearing shoes that sort of cover that up or at least disguise it a bit. the ankle strap on these sandals kinda distract the eye so you don't notice it as much. i should take a picture of the line. it's pretty funny.
sweater-vintage, cheap thrills
shorts-vintage levi's, cheap thrills
wedges-lower east side, ebay
purse-vintage dooney and bourke, manna center
vintage and thrifted necklaces


The Daily Fashionista said...

Lovely outfit!! I'm digging the wedges with the shorts. I don't know why I'm so afraid of wearing my shorts with heels. It might be the looks I get walking down the street from middle aged moms and stuff, but whatev. You look fab! So what is this store cheap thrills? Is it a thriftstore or a vintage store?

Becky said...

I love your outfit! Your top is amazing. ♥

tess said...

the perfect pair of denim shorts, for sure

Amanda said...

I have had that song stuck in my head all week and when I finally forgot about posted it as your post title! Thanks lady! :P

i love those shorts, but I am crazy about that bag! I just ordered a new bag after putting mine through the ringer so I'm kinda obsessed with bags lately.

Zoƫ said...

God I love this. Well, really it's you that I love.

But this is so funny because I remember you telling me about the Dooney that you found- and I think that same day I actually found a sweater that looks nearly identical to this one! Kuh-razy.

Maybe our hair is really just some combined force, or like a very strange antennae that pick up the same vibes from the same things.

And no, I have not done drugs today.


Gabriela said...

Way cool
BEauthifull legs

megannielsen said...

Gosh I'm glad you didn't lose all your info - that must have been so nerve wracking! by the way I LOVE LOVE that bag

avalonne lou summers said...

Love your Dooney & Bourke bag!!! I love love love it! This is such a great casual, simple chic outfit, your necklaces totally give the outfit a little boost of energy :)

Britta said...

I really love this outfit! I saw it on Weardrobe and clicked over to your blog to check it out. It actually inspired me to put together a similar outfit. I posted the pictures on my blog if you want to check it out.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i love this simple, summery look!