Saturday, June 12, 2010

ain't nothing gonna break my stride

song of the day: 'ain't nothing gonna hold me down' by men at work (courtesy of paige, thanks lady!)
so excited for this weekend! right now we're just relaxing drinking coffee, playing star wars guys, watching the world cup (yuck) and blogging. and later we're going thrifting, pick up some tahini paste for hummus because i've been out for 2 weeks and do more relaxing. this is the first saturday that i haven't had to be at my shop and we didn't have any other place to go in a long time. it's gonna be glorious.
last night we got thai for dinner and then had an ice cream cone. came home and watched a little 'return of the jedi' and when the kid went to bed, broke out the bourbon. and to top off a wonderful evening, i found the lotion that i love! see my friend who got married in january got all the bridesmaids 'optimism' lotion from bath and body works. i would always use a little after my bath and got fairly obsessed with it. when i ran out and went to bath and body works to get more, they informed me that it was discontinued. say what? you hear me, they aren't selling it anymore at least not right now. i went home devastated and dejected. i kept the bottle and every once in a while i'd open it and sniff. i realize i was merely torturing myself but whatever. last night i decided to google it and magically found a few places that still sell my lotion!! i bought two bottles. i can't wait to lather up.
oh, and yeah this romper used to be a jumpsuit but i decided to hem it into shorts. i don't know i think it'll be easier to wear this way. it's good for the summer and then when it gets cold i can wear it with tights.
anyways, have a great saturday! and go out in search of postcards!! please my wall needs more of them.
romper-diy romper from jumpsuit i bought on etsy
boots-steve madden, idee geniale's closet


Carys said...

Lovely outfit, the fringing on your boots is so nice!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

The Daily Fashionista said...

I think that is the cutest way to wear that jumpsuit. Rompers just seem more suited as shorts than long legged pants (in my opinion). And with the boots it's all very cute!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

cuuuuuuuuute girl!

Anonymous said...

I love it as a romper!! So hot!! Glad you found your magic potion :)

April said...

I love those boots!

Diana, The Girl Overboard said...

Lovely did a goog job :)


Lauren Moyer said...

I love it as a romper!

And postcards are my favorite. :)

Teresa said...

That romper is so cute! :)

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

I love those boots, Steve Madden always surprise me with their awesome shoes. The brown and black work really well together, props!

Danielle said...

Nice, I think it being a jumpsuit would've been too much.