Friday, May 21, 2010

we belong to the light, we belong to the thunder

song of the day 'we belong' by pat benatar
i had this song in my head all day long yesterday so i knew it had to be the title for today's post.
ok, so you know how a lot of super stylish folks (and by folks i don't just mean ladies, i've seen some dudes rocking it too) are wearing crop tops these days? well, i admit that i am smitten by that look. i was a bit nervous about trying it because i didn't want to show off too much skin or feel like i was stepping straight out of the 80s. i hope i was able to come up with a good balance. i was chatting with acute angle the other day (digitally of course) and she gave me some tips on wearing a crop top. after that, i was determined to find one. this one came about in a little different way as it was a dress. i know!!!! i cut it. well, i loved the pattern and it was way too big for me. it had a great black band around the waist, a perfect spot to cut it into a crop top!! now i have the best of both worlds-the cute pattern and an inexpensive top so i can try out the trend without investing too much into it. i like it. a lot.
and i'm sorry about the picture overload. i couldn't decide which ones to post so i posted them all.
i'm so glad it's the weekend. matt is training for a half-ironman in september so i feel like i never get to see him. three mornings a week he gets up at 5:30am to swim and then when he gets home at 6:30pm he has to either bike for an hour and a half or run for like 45 minutes. and this is only the second week of training! it will only get worse from here on out. it's been his goal for a while though. i joke with him saying it's gonna be a cold lonely summer with him training all the time and being exhausted when he's home :)
hope you guys have a wonderful friday night!
top-dress that i cropped, vintage


Anthea said...

Those jeans look amazing on you!

Melanie said...

Definitely very 80's inspired, but you still look great. I think the darker color helps make it a little more modern.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Lisa said...

I love this look! Great job with the top. High waisted jeans are definitely the way to go with this.

merl said...

Only a trend that you could pull off darling. My S curves would look silly as hell in that, but you rock the clock. In other news, I'm in love with your roof. Don't tell the Manfriend, but I've been seducing it on the sly.. and I'm sorry to tell you, but it sounds like it's gonna move up to wisco. I've convinced it that cheese is the next best thing since sliced bread. Of course, it's working on talking the building into joining it, so I hope you're ready for cow country as well.

acute angle said...

OMG!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!! You look perfecT!! Nice work!! I'm addicted to the crop too!! Now I'm just trying to decide if my corporate office can handle a little skin or if I save it for after hours!


Lexie, Little Boat said...

soooo cute!

Clara said...

amazing pics
lovely blog!

Kimberellie said...

You know, I am so not into the cropped top look, but uh, wow. You are really making it work. You have def. done this right because you are making want to go hack up a dress rightnow.

Oh, and your husband must be in super fine super sexy shape after all that! Maybe I can convince my man to do an ironman! Though currently I have the same missing my husband problem, only he is just working working working (though a lot of it is at home so I can stare at the back of his head if I want).

Zoƫ said...

This silhouette is amazing. I love the colors of the blouse with the navy shoe- can't believe it was a dress! Love it.


Carys said...

Beautiful outfit, great location!!! I love these pictures!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

thenextarrow said...

that last photo is gorgeous. i adore the outfit. i have those shoes and need to find a way to wear them more often. you make them look so chic.

xo Alison

megan.tme said...

I just adore the pattern on that used-to-be-a-dress crop top! I need you to come to my house with scissors and we will have a field day with my pile of clothes. Haha!! Great outfit girl, I really just LOVE the pattern with those shoes, and the black jeans, everything's just gorgeous!!

hellolyndsey said...

what an absolutely amazing diy crop top! you are so incredibly crafty! :). and you pulled it off AMAZINGLY! it looks super sexy, love it and you!


samantha said...

i love the silhouette of the cropped shirt with the jeans.

Lucy said...

I really love your cropped top!! The print is fab.

The Daily Fashionista said...

That is such a creative use for the dress. It looks perfect and those jeans make it all look awesome.

Clare said...

Dang! You are ROCKING that crop top!!

kate maggie said...

daaaang. What a stunner you are! I love these jeans on you so much and that crop top is amazing..i wish i could pull a crop top off, but I have never tried so you are my inspiration! this looks so lovely. x

living-in-awe said...

Your legs look a mile long in these pictures! I think you pulled the crop top off extremely well, awesome outfit! (also loving the print on the top a lot too)

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

you definitely pulled off this top - i think this whole outfit looks amazing.

i can't even imagine doing an iron man. i was training for a sprint triathlon and had to teach myself how to swim all over again.