Monday, May 3, 2010

military 80s style

this jacket is one of the things that will make it over to the etsy store this week. i did battle with myself on whether or not i should keep it. it's awfully cute.

this jacket did have some pretty intense shoulder pads when i found it. yikes, they were wild. as soon as i got home with it, i ripped them things out. so much better, don't you think?
today was spent running errands and going to flea markets. i'm wanting to get some new digs for the shop, like display items and such. it needs a bit of a facelift. i just keep putting it off and using my money to buy things to sell and so i kind of neglect the other stuff! anyway, i got one cute little two-tiered cake stand to put jewelry on. it's pretty precious.
today was so hot! i love it. i don't know why i live somewhere that gets cold because i hate it. it makes me angry. but today was gloriously warm. i was sweating in the car (you know, because i have no a/c) with the windows down, having a great time. now, in a month i'll be complaining about being too hot. ha!
i want to say thanks to all of you who gave me advice about my pictures. i'm telling you, you guys are just a wealth of information. i'll never google again. i'll just ask all of you!
and i want to say a big thank you to all the new folks who've been visiting me lately. it means a lot to me that so many people want to hang out with me for a few minutes each day.
oh, and if anyone is interested in this jacket, just let me know and i can reserve it for you when i list it which will probably be tonight or tomorrow.


M. said...

ah I love that jacket, it looks so good with that outfit!

lovelove, M.

Anonymous said...

you are lovely. i can't believe you're getting rid of that jacket... anyway, the skirt is smokin!

Don't forget to enter my custom elastic waistband skirt giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Crazy cute cropped jacket!! Looks fantastic with the 80's style zipper skirt! You know how I love 80's style :)

Kimberellie said...

Maybe one day you can do some pics of the inside of your shop. Last night, and I JUST remembered this, I dreamed that I was there!! Crazy, hey? I dream of thrifting thousands of miles away in YOUR shop. ;-)

ps. I can no longer read your writing without using the magnifying clicker on my mouse. I mention this because it is not a problem for me (I have a magnifying clicker on my mouse) but other small letter challenged people may not!