Sunday, May 23, 2010

kick off your sunday shoes

song of the day: footloose by kenny loggins
pulled out the horsey skirt again. it' such a funny little thing.
summer has arrived in northwest arkansas. it's hot and humid. we have all the windows in the house open and our floor fan is on non-stop. it's like a little game we play every year: we try to see how long into the summer we can go without turning on our a/c. it's fun actually. last year we made it until mid june. but really only because we were gone the first week and when we came home, the a/c was broken so we had to wait a couple days to get it fixed. it got up to 93 degrees in here! i took a picture of the thermostat with my phone so i could have a record of just how hot it was. right now, it is only 83 in the house. ha! child's play.
yesterday was a busy day with working at the shop and then in the evening matt and i went to a fundraiser for an organization that gives jobs to adults with disabilities. it was nice to get a babysitter and hang out with other adults and drink free wine. oh, and support a really great cause too :)
and tonight i'm looking forward to grilling some steaks, having a bit more wine and relaxing in our hot house. i love summer time!
top-the limited? it's been so long ago i don't really remember
shoes-cv for target


Carys said...

Lovely outfit, and your shoes are amazing!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

rebecca said...

I love that skirt so, so much!! You're lucky it's vintage, otherwise I'd be trying to find a copy of it :p

Meggstatus said...

The weather is all mixed up. It snowed at my parent house in Utah yesterday... SNOWED!!!

I wish we had SC in our apartment. The summers get unbearable and i basically just have to sit in front of the fan to cool off. It's less fun than it sounds. HAHA

Amanda said...

I love the horsey skirt! You look great lady :]

I hate the "how long can we go" a/c game. We play it every year, but it's worse since my room is upstairs where all the heat goes. It's not a fun game, especially since it gets to the 100s here every day come July.

Head to Toes said...

I love this! that skirt and those shoes are so pretty. all of your outfits are. I love seeing all your posts. Check out my style blog too. :)

Charlotte said...

Cool skirt - very miu miu, but cooler, because it's not.

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

Kimberellie said...

I adore this skirt. Makes me want to go buy some miu miu. Only I am not that rich. So I won't. I'll just dream of finding something like it.

Your last night sounds fun. Isn't it nice to get a babysitter and be an adult again?

Sara Lynn said...

Hey chictopia friend :)

I am so glad that you have a blog, you are one of my faves on chictopia!

Anywho, we don't have ac, so we just go hangout at my parents when it gets hot lol :)

The Daily Fashionista said...

Oh lord, I am not looking forward to seeing how hot it gets in my apartment. We have no AC (so our electric bill will be fabulous!) but we may die of dehydration or something....hehehe

And you are so lucky to have found those Cynthia Vincent shoes at Target! They sold out of those within 2 days and they aren't getting any more.

Kim said...

That is an amazing skirt. Your outfit is so summery! (:


Lexie, Little Boat said...

that skirt is adorable! soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the look so much!!! The skirt is so rad! Glad you had a nice weekend, the fundraiser sounds really great, especially the wine part ;)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

That is so funny! I have that same exact skirt - but in khaki with blue horses! I got it from To Be Determined's vintage shop!

Vennica Patricia said...

im in love with ur vintage skirtt!! it's perfect wif navy colorr!! goshh!! i wannn,,

secret of life

merl said...


the manfriend and I laid out by his apt's pool yesterday sans sunscreen (I never claimed to be intelligent. funny yes, smart no) and I was on FIRE later that night when we went over to a friends to grill out. It was 91 degrees at 6 pm, and they didn't have their air on. I was honestly sweating my ass off, so they told us to go sit in the basement. Great hospitality let me tell you.. they sat upstairs, while we were down and I wanted to scream I was so annoyed.

whew. calm down merl.

stop being so dang pretty.

ps.. I went running on saturday. and the whole time all I could think is "what is WRONG with kristin and amanda.. WHY DO THEY ENJOY THIS"..

fashionist__ahead said...

nice title...i love your shirt..

Anonymous said...

Ick, hot humid weather is no good! Your skirt, on the other hand, is fabulous!

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Clare said...

That horsey skirt is ADORABLE! I just can't get enough!

wardrobeexperience said...

love the horsey skirt and those colourful wedges...

your style is so adorable, gonna add your blog to my blogroll!


menina raposa said...

i'm in love with your skirt !! for real!