Saturday, May 1, 2010

my fun saturday

you guys, i am about to shout expletives. see i got my camera last friday, realized the battery was bad then went out looking for a new one. couldn't find one after going to a few places so i just decided to order one. i got the new battery in yesterday and was totally beside myself with joy today when i finally got to take pictures with it. i used my tripod and everything was peachy. the photos look great in the little view finder thing on the back. come in to get the usb cable and realize that among the five or so that we have, none of them fit the camera. $%#@&! so i go to a couple stores and they don't carry the right one. i haven't gone to a specialty store yet and maybe i will tomorrow. i'm just getting so frustrated!
so this is an old outfit that i saved for a rainy day (or a crappy day when i should've been able to use my new camera!!). it's fine and all but i'm just so disappointed about today that i can't find a lot of nice words to describe it.
anyway, matt is still out of town. i was able to have fun convos on twitter last night with some of you gals. i had invited a friend to come over and hang out but she's sick so i am once again alone and will once again be having some wine alone. so, if you're not busy tonight and you're on twitter, we should chat! but i understand that most people don't consider that to be a fun saturday night. oh, well. hope that you guys have a good one no matter what your plans.
jeans-juicy couture


t said...

Those jeans look great on you!

Lisa said...

Darling outfit, love the jeans and blouse. I hate running but i almost want to take it up because you are in such great shape. That sucks about your camera. I bought one on ebay w/a bad ebay but they replaced it. I hope you find the right usb cord soon!
Having a kid can be hard on the social life finding a babysitter and such, it actually was a bit of a shock to me. Alaric and I finally went out dancing last night and it was so needed.

Lisa said...

bad battery on ebay..oops:)

Anonymous said...

ugh! that is soooo frustrating, i feel your pain darlin'. happy saturday night, my consists of me, my computer and six-pack of alaskan and perhaps some flannery o'connor a little later! haha, i'll cheers with you!

Little Ocean Annie said...

aw, that sucks!! you still look adorable, of course!

I had fun pretending we were drinking wine together! And I'll pretend you are coming to see me in July! :)


megannielsen said...

You poor thing that's so frustrating!

Rosie said...

Bummer dude. You look cute here though!

merl said...

unlike Annie, I'm not letting you PRETEND to come in July.. You're teeny enough, I'll sneak you in my suitcase. You should invest in a mini card reader instead of specialized USB cords.. the one I have fits 3 different sized cards, which are more universal than stupid usb openings on the camera. fyi before you buy ;)