Tuesday, May 4, 2010

oh dear cynthia

i got my cynthia vincent shoes in yesterday!!! i love them. they are surprisingly comfortable for being so bloody tall. i'm not used to shoes quite this high and so i used today to walk around and get the feel of them. i couldn't do a major day shopping but i can be at my shop all day wearing them. i felt like the khaki tunic (from little ocean annie, which i love) helped to tone down the craziness. these are the wildest shoes i've ever owned. i only have a few pairs that are not in fact brown or black. i felt it was time to branch out a bit.
i took loads more photos for the etsy store today and will be working on listing everything soon. i'm a bit lazy by nature so we'll see when i get around to it. the photo shoot is the fun part. i'll try to give a sneaky peak too later.
this morning, i went running and then hung out at the park for a while. i got a pretty nice little burn. and my tan lines are getting out of control! ugh.
do you like my shoe close-up? you can see my large calf and my hideous feet pretty well. and my weird foot veins. i'm a really vein-y person. look at my hand!
mom's ring
a few weeks ago, my mom gave me this ring (the top one). my dad gave it to her when they were dating in 1965. isn't that sweet?! i love it. i used to wear it in high school but i don't think mom trusted me with it too much back then. knowing how much i love vintage, she figured that i'd take good care of her ring now. i can only wear it on my wedding ring finger, that's why it's stacked with my other band. it makes me feel special though. my parents have been married for 41 years and i truly hope i have a marriage like theirs.
shoes-cynthia vincent for target via ebay (and way too expensive but totally worth it)
tunic-vintage, little ocean annie on etsy


Little Ocean Annie said...

I love seeing this on you!! It looks amazing, now I think I need to get those shoes!

Anonymous said...

I love your trench coat!
It's such a cute take on a classic trend, and you carry it off really well. xxx

- Ellen

Allison Bellomy said...

you look amazing in this outift!!! love it!

Lucy Marmalade said...

You are so ridiculous! You do not have big calves AND DON'T EVEN GET MY STARTED ON UGLY FEET this could be a four hour rant. Basically, I would not show my toes in public for the longest time, and even now sometimes I get pangs of shame against my better judgment! People are so crazy about their own bodies. Maybe I'll send you a picture of my feet to make you feel better about your own...my second toe is reeeeally long and my third toe is reeeeally short and curves inward.


The real issue here though: YOUR SHOES OH MY GOD they are so beautiful. Seriously, good choice. I'm in awe.

leanne said...

those shoes are so cute! i love the bright colors! and that ring is so pretty... what a sweet story, and lucky marriage!

it's funny that you mention large calves. i also have large calves, and it's so frustrating! i can't wear tall boots! but, i'm also really jealous of your legs. they're such pretty runner legs!

Anonymous said...

If we had a vein contest, I would totally win. And your hands and feet are just about the cutest I've ever seen! I'm like Ms. Marmalade, my second toe is crazy long, and I just started wearing flip flops and sandals like a year ago!

I love that tunic on you, it is just amazing. And with the shoes, even better!!! I bet they look great in your closet with those kick-ass boots :)

Thanks for being such a sweetie and commenting on my posts. I just think you are fabulous!!

kate maggie said...

alright, i just have to say this, your legs are the BEST! Ah, so so jealous. You have been blessed with perfect legs. As for your outfit, you look so good, girl. Neautrals suit you so well...and i love that ring from your mother. How cute! I love when jewelery has history. x

Lisa said...

Wow those shoes are so amazing! I love how you paired it with the trench coat and that ring, how lucky are you? Gorgeous!

Rūta said...

Beautiful outfit. amazing tunic and colourful shoes looks great here.

Rosie said...

Those shoes are crazy good!

Lexie, Little Boat said...

yay! you got flickr to work! :D

chicfaced said...

heeeyyy look at those mile long legs!

your new camera is taking some *awesome* photos! love love love!

also, LOVE THOSE SHOES and so glad you decided to take the plunge. I haven't worn those yet, but have worn the yellow wedges and they're so comfy! Maybe this will be the start of your new love of crazy shoes. I will be an enabler to this new habit, if so.

avalonne said...

That tunic is super duper CHIC, in love. Reminds me of an outfit SJP wore in the SATC movie! :) Very safari and modern at the same time. Oh those Cynthia Vincent shoes are so amazing. Good to know that they're comfortable. I need a pair like that, but maybe in brown or black.

Aww and about the rings, my heart is melting! Bless your parents :)

Carrie said...

Man oh man, I need to start running as much as you do! What "large calf"? You have legs to be envied & you look fantastic! I love this solid tunic with these amazing shoes. What a great look!

Madilyn Peiper said...

Your legs look fantastic! And I. Need. Those. Shoes.