Wednesday, May 5, 2010


i love how when i find a certain clothing combo, i run with it and wear it to death. take the tunic/shorts/sandals combo. totally wore the same type of things yesterday (albeit i looked a TON better then). it's just really comfortable. and today is supposed to be pretty hot so i wanted something easy while still feeling put together to be at my shop.
you may remember this 'top' as being a dress. that's another thing i do all the time. i just cut stuff up. i may actually have a problem. you see, i cut this one too short and i felt exposed when wearing it as a dress. i decided to make it even shorter this morning. this way, i can put it on over shorts or jeans and be quite happy. i love the little cap sleeves and v-neck so i didn't want to get rid of it. i made it work. isn't that something tim gun says?
you guys flatter me beyond anything i deserve. thanks for your encouragement and fabulous comments. i'm hideous at getting back with people, but know that i read every comment and that they mean so much to me. i feel as though my personal style has grown and changed so much and i've never been more confident in my own skin than i have been within the last few months. you all have a lot to do with that. i feel so fortunate to be a part of such a great community!
enough sappiness!!
and i am really loving my new camera and the tips you all have given me on making my pictures and blog better. i'd love to take any more advice that you have to give. i'm not proud, if you know a better way, tell me! and i have ordered a remote and i can't wait to use it. hopefully it will get here tomorrow and i can be lazy and not have to walk to the camera between photos to set the timer again. yes, that is annoying to me. i am that lazy.
tunic-former dress that i bought from etsy
shorts-former pants that i bought from old navy (i see a trend here)
sandals-thrifted from goodwill (i did not alter these in any way)


Anonymous said...

I really like what you did with the dress. Very cool and comfy looking :)

Melanie @Unravelled Threads
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avalonne said...

Thank you for being so encouraging to me. I have been going through some crap recently, but with all of you guys' kind words and support, I'm feeling better! And you, my dear, always come up with some chic outfits, you deserve all the fabulous comments! I'm glad you're enjoying your new camera. I haven't touched my camera in a while now, sad, must get back in touch! Have a good day!

Destined For Now said...

I do love the sleeves! You should probably cut everything up if it looks this cute.

Little Ocean Annie said...

I have the same hacking problem! Only I suck at sewing and putting it all back together! :)
I really like that we can see your face more with your new camera! :) Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Haha, so true. Once I find a good combo it quickly becomes the go-to style. Perfect for lazy days when inspiration is lurking in the darkest corners of your closet.

M. said...

that tunic is so simple but so pretty!

lovelove, M.

Meggstatus said...

I just scrolled through your photos and can completely see the difference in your photos with your new camera. This is just another reason I'm getting a new one. And I felt the same way when I was shooting with the DSLR, I enjoyed it more AND my boyfriend enjoyed it more.

You are rocking this tunic and deserve all of the praise you get!

Kelly said...

Those shorts are such the perfect length on you, I love them! Casual and slouchy but still well-fit. Very cute look!

Sequins & Shadows

Kimberellie said...

YES! To this outfit. YES YES YES. Seriously, LOVE it. And as for the cutting up problem? -you totally don't. You have a cutting up SKILL. But I know what you mean. I sometimes find myself taking my scissors to a few too many things. ;-)

But that tunic top is AWESOME. And I so envy your nice weather! I had to wear tights AGAIN today. Oh, and the new pics? beautiful. And by new pics I mean new camera. You can def. tell!

.sabo skirt. said...

your blog is very cute, great work.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone, the pictures are a lot better, and I love seeing your face more clearly! You are so beautiful!! And the outfit? You made it work girl, you don't need the gun show to give you any pointers :)

Amanda said...

I really love this outfit, it's perfectly casual and awesome. Those shorts are amazingggg!

I have a problem with cutting stuff up too. And with throwing things away. I need to learn to stop and think I guess!

Your photos look really great, I'm lovin this new camera :]