Friday, May 14, 2010

i see your true colors shining through

and you're beautiful, like a rainbow.
you get to wade through a bunch of pictures today. lucky! we went out on the roof again last night. lately, we've had the most horrible weather. there will be intermittent storms and sticky, humid sunshine. right now, there is a storm going on that makes me fear for my life. see the roof i take pictures on is actually on top of the salon that is right next door. i can't get on top of my roof, plus it's metal. yeah, a metal roof, in a thunderstorm with hail, not too much fun. i have to yell to be heard. but all that to say, the evenings have been beautiful!
my top is a skirt that i bought at target. i like it and all but it really needed a shake up. a couple days ago, paige (who's one of my new bff's) from barefoot & vintage wore a skirt as a strapless top and i told her that i was going to steal her idea. after haggling over the price of borrowing the rights to the look, we settled on just a mention of her and her mad fashion skillz and her adorable etsy store. thanks paige, for the idea!
ok, so i am supposed to run a half marathon tomorrow morning, but am slightly concerned it may get rained out and/or canceled because the city of tulsa had some wicked weather yesterday and is still largely without power. it's possible i may cry if i don't get to run. but i guess i should keep it in perspective, i mean they are having to clean up after a couple of tornadoes ravaged their city.
oh and one of the 'exciting things' will be revealed in a little while (hint, hint).
jeans-juicy couture
shirt-a skirt from target


beaucoup vintage said...

i love those pants. love them. i need a new pair of jeans in a bad way and I really like the 70s vibe of these. Did you buy them retail or did you thrift them? I don't have the patience to thrift jeans... it's too much!

Google automatically signs me in under my store name now soo...I'll go with it.


Abbey said...

you're looking good!

Little Ocean Annie said...

I love it! I thought it was a halter top of sorts because of the necklace! Looking hot, girl!
Isn't Paige so great!? I get to see her in a couple of weeks on my way back home. You wanna come get a drink with us? Do it! Just pop on over to CA really quick :)

sharonlei said...

I think that skirt looks fabulous as a top! Great job at styling it too! :) I hope you get to do the half marathon tomorrow! hoping for sunshiney skies!!

xx Love & Aloha

Clare said...

The lighting and location of your photoshoots has been so lovely. And I ADORE this outfit. Fabulous boho city chic.

Zoƫ said...

Gorgeous and so relaxed. I love the necklace and the scarf- especially together.

And I hope you get to run tomorrow. As for me, I hope nothing happens that makes me actually have to run.

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Lara said...

I had that skirt and gave it away to a friend in need that doesn't have much money. It was too short of me. I wish I would have thought to make it into a top! Maybe she'll get better use of it. I tend to buy way too much and so I give to my friends who can't afford a lot of clothing a a luxury.

Lara said...

PS. Are you an avid runner? I avoid running most of the time but recently (due to gaining about 10 pounds in 2 years) I have reconsidered. Any tips for a beginner?

hellolyndsey said...

you run!?! i ran a half a mile marathon in 2002!! haha, now i'm a beached whale. anyways, i LURV this look on you! i could never pull anything off like this as great as you did!

kate maggie said...

Aw! you are so gorgeous! I love your outfit today. Those pants look so good on you and I love the details you added with the scarf and necklace. Good luck with your marathon, all star! I pray for good weather. x

Amanda said...

Hey, I was just letting you know that I'm tagging you in my "Looks I Love" Sunday post! Hope it's okay :]

Starr Crow said...

so, i'm loving this skirt as a blouse. the florals, the bubble totally works for you.

Lisa said...

I love the top with the scarf, beautiful!