Monday, May 10, 2010

lacey love

matt won the 'best husband in the universe' award yesterday when he gave me this gorgeous harness. this beauty is handmade by the ever-so-lovely merl of clydes rebirth. you should go to her etsy and check out some of her other pieces. but beware, you will want every single one you see. and here is the link to see a better close-up of the lacey love as i could not get one that was satisfactory with my remote and tripod in 50 degree weather wearing a sleeveless dress. but i wanted to first show you the harness with something a bit more worthy of such a phenomenal piece of jewelry than my normal stuff.
each piece is lovingly wrapped in a vintage scarf and this is the one i got. i love it!!! it's beautiful and i can't wait to wear it with something too.
at first i put this on over my american apparel gray tee and by golly it looked awesome with that too. you'll probably be seeing it that way a lot. this is just how i'd wear it if i were to go out on a date with the 'best husband in the universe' award recipient.
i instantly felt fabulously sexy and glamorous. i love it when that happens. when i get something new that makes me feel amazing. so thanks, merl, for being a bloody genius and picking out such a beautiful scarf to wrap it in. and, matt, thank you for everything that you are.
dress-i don't remember
lacey love harness-clydes rebirth on etsy


Little Ocean Annie said...

GORGEOUS!!! Damn, that genius Merl! You picked the perfect dress to pair it with, too! Totally let's that beauty shine.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Did he pick that out all by himself?!

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

Destined For Now said...

Wow! So beautiful. What a great husband.

Kimberellie said...

Love it. Love how you styled it. You look amazing. Though I do have a birthday coming up...

Oh,and as for you fitting all my social etiquette hates? So do I! It's funny, I think what annoys us most in others is often what we are worst at ourselves!

merl said...

I'm tearing up over here, I'm such a proud mama duck.. you look BEAUTIFUL and are rocking that harness like none other! I'm so so so happy Matt was a good hubby and bought it for you. I'm stoked you like the scarf too.. I asked him for a color preference for you and he said he'd defer to my judgment so I'm glad I was on the money. xxxxo

kate maggie said...

oh my GOSH! What an amazing husband. This dress is seriously STUNNING on you!! I cant get over it. You look so good! :) glad you had such a great mothers deserve it! x

sharonlei said...

That is a fabulous harness! Two thumbs up for your hubby. :)

xx Love & Aloha

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magpie said...

this reminds me of breakfast at tiffany's- hard core!!!


I love it. I want it. Your hubby is a gem.

Rosie said...

You look very pretty and sophisticated!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was not expecting that at all, very enchanting accessory. I've actually never seen one before and I'm blown away.. The pictures are so romantic and the back is such a beautiful body part, especially yours :) Great gift!!! I love how it looks with the black dress. (And you can say badass any time on my blog, mrs. badass)


Amanda said...

Oh gosh, lady, that looks AMAZING! Seriously, he is the best husband in the universe because that is the perfect gift for you! I can't wait to see more of it :]

chicfaced said...

wow. just gorgeous. the dress and harness look like they are made for each other. and those shoes! i neeeeed! xoxo, laura

BikeWorkPlay said...

I love your dress/harness combo- you look great! I'm going to trawl through your archives now, it looks like you have a new follower :)