Wednesday, March 16, 2011


here's a photo heavy recap of the trip down in austin for the texas style council conference. thursday around 5:00, a carload of girls pulled up in front of my shop and lisa, emily and merl flew open the doors. there was much squealing and general sounds of delight as we met for the first time. then they did some shopping :) it was so much fun having them stay at my house before we left for the weekend.
it was crazy how well we all got along from the very beginning.
merl striking her blogger poses on our way to dinner after we got to austin on friday night.
the sweet little house we stayed in. our landlady, frances, was a bit of a fruitcake though. and by fruitcake, i mean crazy. she initially told us to bring our swimsuits because there was a pool. we get to the house and THERE IS A STUNNING LACK OF POOLS. i could go on and on about her madness but then i'd never get through this post.
saturday we had lunch with rachel and her husband then went down to congress ave for some shopping. the weather was hot, people were everywhere and there was such a cool vibe about the city. i bought an amazing leather shirt and merl bought the little booties she's wearing. incidentally, they made her feet bleed. but ya know, fashion over comfort, right???
we met up with jentine and kendi for a little more shopping before the pop up shop party that night. seriously, i fell in love with these girls.
a wee beverage break out on the porch of our place. notice no pool???
the conference itself definitely had it's highs and lows. but for everyone's benefit, i'll focus on the good. i learned so much about using social media platforms to promote my business and blog. i've always kept the two separate, being afraid that if people here in town knew that i took pictures of myself and posted them on the internet (aka a personal style blog) then they'd think i was silly. well, turns out, i'm the silly one. this blog means A LOT to me and truly it is part of my business. and really susan from modcloth is the one that opened my eyes to it. i admit that i totally wanted to not like her but the truth is that i thought she was awesome. she knew what she was talking about and was very open with advice. very cool, modcloth girl!
anyway, i know this is kind of buried in my post and i'm sure no one's gotten this far, but i do have a facebook page! and have for like 2 years! so check me out :)
jentine and jessie from the concrete catwalk. aren't they just the prettiest things???
the girls with bryan 'everyday.' as amazing as kendi is, her husband bryan is just as cool. it was so fun getting to meet the guy behind the camera.
anywaysssssss, so glad you made it to the end of this monstrous post. the weekend was fabulous. austin is a pretty rockin city and that is something coming from me as i am no fan of texas. and even though i did learn a lot about my business and my blog, my favorite part was meeting my fellow bloggers. i can't say enough about these women. and i can't believe i never got a picture of jen!!!!! she is so lovely and sweet and the cutest thing. but i realized that all these ladies who i love via their blog are so much more in person. ya know? they are more genuine, more beautiful, more funny, more REAL!! and that's pretty refreshing.


Anonymous said...

1) How tall is Jentine? I'm scared to ever meet her now since I'm such a shrimp.
2) the weather!!! Oh I'm so jealous of those bare legs ladies, can't say it enough!
3) I want to hear crazy lady stories and hear about all the criticism of the weekend!! haha i'm so positive, aren't I? ;)
4) I'm so happy you guys had a good weekend and I'm infinitely jealous :)

p.s. I really feel like I hear your real voice when I read your posts!

jessie said...

woot woot! what a blast. :)

honestly still smiling about it (and still trying to figure out when the next time i can make it down to AR is!)

Eleanor said...

I knew Jentine was a supermodel.

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

Sweeet memoriessss :) xo

CAITLIN said...

yay! it makes me so happy that you ladies kinda want to meet me because i really kinda want to meet you too! there are so many bloggers out there and you seem like a really great, genuine, interesting (and FUN!) group of girls.

looks like you had a wonderful time in texas! one of these days i'll hopefully be able to participate :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

It is nice to know when people are nicer in person than on their blog. That is so helpful. They all seemed very sweet and that house you stayed in is so pretty.

jenloveskev said...

Hey Lady!
It was so great to meet you!! I wish we were all together for a week because I feel like I didn't get enough hang out time with everyone. The weekend seemed so busy! I would love to hear your thoughts (good and bad) on the conference. I hope I didn't say anything bad. eeek. Anyways here is a super cute picture of us.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

BUA, notice there's no pool?! For realz, Frances.

I agree, meeting people was definitely the best part. I'm so impressed with all the women whose blogs I read on a regular basis, including your awesome self. Come to Chicago!!

Also, I look terrible in these photos. The massive exhaustion shows on my face, but I was so happy I don't even care. :)