Friday, March 25, 2011

there's a moral at the end of this

to clear the air, this was an outfit i wore last weekend, lest you think i wear these jeans every day (which i do, like last night for dinner as a matter of fact). i bought the jordaches on ebay. the seller stated that they would fit a modern size me, so i eagerly bid on them and won by a landslide. after ripping them out of the packaging as soon as they came in the mail, i was at first sorely disappointed. the seller lied to me, she LIED i tell you. they are indeed no where near the size she quoted in the description (no measurements given, mind). i put them on, and was very sad when i realized that they were very large. sulking a bit, i put them on a hanger in the closet and contemplated selling them. then a few days later, i needed something to wear to a housewarming party and all my other jeans were in the wash. and oh my, the heavens opened up and i discovered the jordaches hidden beauty. they are now one of my very favorite buys on ebay EVER!! it's amazing what a simple woven belt will do.
now about the bag. there's another story for you. settle in, kids, for some story time. i saw this bag on little ocean annie's blog in an etsy preview post. i immediately fell in love with it and waited with bated breath for when it was available. the day finally came. i saw that she tweeted it so i clicked the link to her shop. here's my mistake: I PUT IT IN MY FAVORITES! why didn't i just add it to my cart??????? within mere seconds, the bag of my dreams was gone! some hussy swooped in and nabbed it out from under me. it was almost devastating. i mentioned as much to annie on twitter. and she then alerted me to purple deer's etsy preview! the world seemed bright again! annie then sent me the link and i check it out. like a jerk, i said something about it being a bit more than what annie had it listed at. but, i couldn't let it go. i even looked for one on ebay (and just so you know, there were a couple and they were much higher). so i put it in my cart and paid my money. then, an angel from purple deer vintage gave me free shipping :) and the bag is MINE! moral of the story.....when it comes to etsy, if you love it BUY IT, and make sure you shop at purple deer. great stuff in that shop!!
phew!!! thanks for sticking with me.
jacket-from a girl who brought it to my shop
shirt-rodarte for target
jeans-vintage jordache via ebay
shoes-lisazain (aka vintage shoe love), etsy


The Daily Fashionista said...

Those jeans really fit you perfectly. They are the best boyfriend type jeans I've seen and the woven belt makes it even better. Plus they make your butt look good (isn't that the point of good jeans!)

Ok, and the bag is wonderful! I hate it when I miss the boat on a good etsy purchase. I always favorite an item and then go thrifting to find something similar first (then I fail) and then when I go to buy it, and it's gone:(

Amber said...

These jeans are definitely an Ebay WIN! So cute! And I'm loving the ensemble with the jacket and stripes.

Ah, favoriting something on Etsy..... Maybe one of the downfalls of the new circles thing is that people who follow you see your favorites and nab them!

Eleanor said...

When I was young I begged and begged my mom to buy me Jordache jeans. But as a frugal family of 6, that was not happening.
In fact I remember begging and pleading with my mom to just buy me my clothes at a mall! Not Kmart!

So you are completely wearing my dream jeans of my youth, complete with two of my adult favorites: stripes and khaki.
I so swoon.

P U R P L E - D E E R said...

First off I knew your style was great....But not your interior design skills, that mushroom lamp is to die for! (Wanted one for so long!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda! love the jeans. they really do look fantastic on you! i actually just gave you a blog award over at my blog. check it out!

happy friday!


Little Ocean Annie said...

haha, oh that bag! What a stir it caused! I'm glad you ended up with one at the end of it all. You look so great, my dear!

Anonymous said...

I want to snatch those pants right off you and put them on my...arm? Oh, right, my booty would've even look twice at those pants. :)

You look awesome in this entire outfit, woman. Your 70's style is in full form and I love it. And I still covet that bag. I'm searching for my own every day now!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity Design said...

I love this look. Your jeans look great on you!!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww I follow Purpledeervintage on twitter and bought my Valentine's Day dress from her back in January. It was 30% off so I loveddd that. She is really sweet. I'm sorry about the incident with Annie's bag. Was this the same bag? I'm glad Annie helped you though. It's really cute. It is really hard to find pants that fit properly when you buy them off the internet. I tend to have issues of me liking things longer so I buy them tall since I'm 5'9" (how tall are you by the way??) because other times I've bought things regular and they don't cover my ankles! Although with tall they are really long but I like it better than being too short so I've adjusted to that. it is hard however to find vintage pants that fit my waist and are long enough for my liking. haha. Anyway your pants look really beautiful on you and I'm sorry people lied to you and gave you false hopes and promises. I'm glad however that you adore them now and are perfect for your liking. you look wonderful!! have I ever told you that you are one of my favorite bloggers ever. well you are.

Meggstatus said...

That's how I was in those True Religion jeans I have. When I received them I was like... umm no way in hell these are size 24 WTF and I going to do with them? And then after playing around a bit I love them, perfect comfy pants and every girl needs a pair like that in their closet right?

Anyways you look FAB!


Anonymous said...

First - those jeans are PERFECT and when you posted them the other day I thought they were amazing on you! Big jeans like that look so good with slimmer/tighter tops. A blessing in disguise, they were.

Also, could be please share your message about buying things on Etsy when you see them with all people on Etsy? I get so many emails from people complaining about things being sold that they wanted, asking if I have another, etc. Um, NO. Buy it when you see it, folks!

shealennon said...

I love the bag--definitely worth the effort I'd say! And you're right about the jeans. They look fantastic with that belt! I love the ways you've styled them so far!

Jennyboo said...

Even though the jeans aren't exactly your size, they look wonderful! I am in love with your bag. I am on the hint for one similar and hopefully I can find it for the Spring. Love your blog! xoxo

Between Laundry Days said...

You have been KILLING it with the casual outfits lately. Those pants are just the best, and with the striped shirt and AWESOME bag, this is just perfect!

archives said...

"some hussy", hahahahaha!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Your hair's amazing. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?