Thursday, March 3, 2011

throw me tomorrow

song of the day: 'thursday's child' by david bowie
oh thursday. why? it's bad enough that wednesday killed matt's car so we had to do a late night 45 minute drive to go pick him up at a random gas station and i am now rendered car-less. then you go and overflow the coffee pot? come on! i thought you were better than that. i mean, you're like the cool aunt. you know, the one who always has gum in her purse and will buy you beer even though you're not 'technically' 21? she'd never get you the hard stuff, but she's always up for a good time. so disappointed, aunt thursday!
but in other news, i was able to do some thrifting this week and that's when i picked up this shirt. it's just so fantastically 80s. i'm totally in love with its slouchiness and crocheted brilliance. i'm craving easy clothes. i think that's what warmer temps do to you. i can't wait to just throw on a dress and some shoes and call it good. i'm done with 'too much'. i'm not really a layer-ist. i can put a cardigan over a t-shirt with the best of them, but i'm not genius at it like some of you girls. i'm much better at simple dressing. and really, the more pared down my style is, the better i feel.
do you guys feel like that? do you get excited for spring and summer as a chance to dress easy without the need for tons of layers?
shirt, shoes, bag-thrifted
jeans-topshop via ebay


Sandy said...

I love how easy and effortless this looks - and I couldn't agree more with not being big on layers. I feel frumpy and small (if that is possible) when I layer on.

Also, I love how broken-in your loafers are. I have a pair I can't seem to part with, but they're embarrassingly broken-in.

Anyways, I'm happy to see it's getting warmer there. If only Chicago would catch up!


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love it. Not too into 80s fashion but you pull it off perfectly all the time. I'm not a big layers person because I sweat too often. Mainly I just wear non-layered clothing!!

you look so cozy.

Zoƫ said...

Oooo... That is definitely some slouchy, crocheted awesomeness. And it is perfect with those jeans.

And I really like how crocheted looks when you spell it out. Hearing it isn't nearly as fun.

But anyway, you and your new hair are KILLING ME! IT IS SO GOOD I CAN BARELY STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!

And three cheers for nice weather. It will be nice to shed these layers and move on with our lives.

(Also, when you were talking about Aunt T, I thought that you were saying that she was so cool because she always has a GUN in her purse.)

Haiku Ambulance

Anonymous said...

Admiring the new haircut!

Between Laundry Days said...

I honestly don't even like spring that much, weather-wise, but I'm totally craving the ease of fewer layers. The day that I don't have to wear two pairs of tights will be a good day indeed.

And I totally agree with everyone on the utter awesomeness of your new haircut. It looks effing phenomenal.