Monday, March 14, 2011


Picture 3
oh my heavens. this weekend was soooooooo fun and amazing and outrageous and exhausting and unforgettable. we drove back today and i'm pretty wiped out but wanted to share some super rad photos from the photo booth from saturday night. flippin awesome.
Picture 6
waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy more to come. :)
photos courtesy of nathan russell photography


Morgan and Lua said...


I was jealous. Now even more.
So glad you girls had a blast!!

archives said...

ahhhhhhhh i love it! even as i write this at your kitchen table.....cant believe its all over already :(

tree and kimball said...

i love every little smidgeon of these photos!! i know y'all were in texas, but what was the occasion??

jessie said...

so CUTE! when i was looking through the pictures nathan posted, i immediately knew that yours and merls were my favorites! esPECIALLY the one where your noses are almost touching. :) LOVED meeting you, and hope we can keep in touch... let me know if you ever come to KC!

Anonymous said...

All of the photobooth pics I've seen are just so good. I love your head-dress and Merl's ruff.

amy said...

Ahhh... makes the heart happy. SO lovely to meet you ladies this weekend!

Zoë said...



You had the best accessory. Times a million.



Juanette said...

Hola chica, so great meeting you on Saturday nite, you have such a quirky fun style, loves it!

Between Laundry Days said...

So jealous, of course! It sounds/looks like you guys had the most amazing time!

(Oh, and a bunch of the pictures are showing up with Flickr error messages for some reason??!?)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

awww so wonderful to see you so lively and animated like this. Seems like a very fun time indeed. GORGEOUS lady. love your dress.

Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

SO amazing. Miss you, lady.