Monday, November 1, 2010

witchy woman

song of the day: 'witchy woman' by the eagles
ah! it was such a fun halloween this year. we didn't go to any parties, but there was trick or treating and candy aplenty. last night before we hit the streets, we went over to the cemetery to take creepy costume pics. maybe i'm crazy, but i expected there to be a lot more people wandering the tombstones. but, we were basically alone out there and no one yelled at us that we were being disrespectful, so it was a good time. i was a witch, isaiah dressed as dracula, and matt donned his perennial scary faceless mask. he's so funny with that thing. he'll drive to and from work with it on (around halloween, not like all year long) and just stare at people. at first, they'll laugh, but when matt doesn't say anything and keeps staring, everyone gets real nervous and creeped out. it's his favorite.
after leaving the cemetery, we headed out to get some goodies. there's nothing like the smell of halloween candy. it's the mixture of chocolate, sugary gum, and fruity candy that creates the most wonderful aroma. i will literally put my face in the candy bag and breathe in to savor it. i don't know, it's just so good. i am a candy freak though. i like dessert and all, but candy is my true weakness. especially sour gummy candy. nom nom. so needless to say, we ate a lot last night and then sent a tired but wired little vampire to bed. another successful halloween night.


hiven said...

lovelovelove this post.
you look beautiful
x enter my giveaway?

Kristin, Golden Hearts Loves Vintage said...

oh la, la, la. lots of candies! Great dress there.

November Grey said...

What stunning graveyard photos. I love your style... I did a quick browse and thought to myself "yep. this girl will inspire."

I'm your newest follower.


November Grey

paigewinter said...

love your costume! it's spooky yet fashionable at the same time. i wish halloween wasn't over already!

Anonymous said...

the hat & veil are wonderful touches.

Meggstatus said...

Oh I love it, and it looks like your son scored big time on the trick or treating trail!

archives said...

hahaha i totally giggled @ the matt/staring with creepy mask part!!! hilarious! you all look awesome! glad you all had a great halloween!

myedit said...

If you feel how much my stomach hurts right now from the Halloween remnants...groan...
Love these pics... and Matt in a creepy mask is exactly what my Matt would do too. Shit disturber.

vogueish said...

oh what a lovely trio.....and you make a pretty..witch..!!!!

Kimberellie said...

What a terrific scary family you are! I absolutely LOVE your costume. And nice haul (we get to eat all my son's candy!).

heart: Kimberellie