Monday, November 29, 2010

some kind of lonely clown

song of the day: 'rainy days and mondays' by the carpenters
wow, i feel like i've been away from the blog for a super long time. i've missed you guys! in a way it's been nice, but yesterday i started getting the shakes from withdrawal. i trust everyone had a great weekend and are totally excited that it's monday!! yeah, exactly. it's raining so that tells you how awesome today is shaping up to be for me. just so you know, i'm not one of those who likes the rain. i wish it could be sunny and warm every single day. alas, it cannot be so.
but, i've been spending as much time as possible getting into the holiday spirit by watching christmas movies and have even done some baking. i cut out some paper snowflakes to put on our tree and made advent bags so that each night we can open it up and get a little treat. i know, cute huh. i don't go over the top with decorating like i used to. i used to put some manner of garland or sprig of something on every surface in the house. we would always get a fresh tree and i'd color coordinate the ornaments with the wrapping paper. now, i basically just put up stockings and string lights on the lime tree since we have to bring it in because of the cold. i do want desperately to string a ton of paper chains from the ceiling ala 'elf' but we have exposed beams that are about 12 feet high so it would be pretty hard and use a ton of paper. do you guys decorate a lot? it would be fun to see everybody's holiday finery (hint hint. post photos please!).
and in case you didn't check it out before, last friday i posted a list of favorite etsy shops. i know a lot of them are having sales and specials. please consider shopping handmade and vintage this year and especially on this cyber monday!
loafers-dexter, thrifted
bag-d&b, thrifted
rain coat-from a friend who brought it into my shop, yes i stole it :)


minnja said...

Beautiful pictures :)))


Ilaria, Il filo di perle *vintage* said...

beautiful outfit!!

KristiMcMurry said...

great jacket! I'm with you on the rain thing...I know it's necessary, but I could totally do without it.

I have been getting into the Christmas spirit too! I love it :) I really wish more Christmas movies were on instant play on Netflix though...I might just have to buy some.

archives said...

it may be rainy and dreary..but you're dressed appropriately! :)

i seriously cannot wait to see your decorated lime tree! i'll be posting some pics of the house decorated, for sure!

Morgan and Lua said...

I made the paper chain from elf in college and strung it across my bed. It was cute but took forever. I also usually cut out tons of snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling. Very magical. If you're worried about paper waste you could use newspaper! Not as crisp white, but still gets the whimsyness of the job done.

Playing Hooksies said...

I like the burst of yellow! A classic raincoat (:

I don't really decorate too much for Christmas but I would love to once I get a proper apartment! I can say that it makes me smile and sing along when ever I hear a Christmas season classic on the radio!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

those pants are amazing. yey for all the baking and snowflakes and advent bags and Christmas movies!!

Playing Hooksies said...

By the way,

I love Elf! Top 5 comedies for sure (:

Cassandra said...

I love your sweater! It looks so comfy and warm. Perfect for rainy/snowy winter days. :)