Tuesday, November 16, 2010

nothin' lasts forever

song of the day: 'november rain' by guns n' roses
k, so i am obvs super obsessed with this headband. i wear it all the time. it works to corral my hair when it's a bit unruly. and with the drizzly rain out, my hair can go ca-razy.
this blazer was part of a suit that i had in my shop (and in my etsy store). someone bought it and then once she received it, realized it didn't quite fit so she asked to send it back. since i have a secret love for the blazer, i said sure. now it's mine :)
i plan to do the drawing for the giveaway this afternoon. i just want to post the list first to see if i maybe missed someone. here's who i have participating so far in the christmas pledge:
if i missed you, please let me know in the next couple hours!! i will announce the winner soon and post what you've won. i think you'll like!
socks-i don't know
loafers-dexter, thrifted


Julien Denoyer Photography said...

You have lovely photos! Love your secret love for your blazer..

vogueish said...

love the tweed blazer...!!!!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

lovely blazer! great photos, too. :)

xxx Charlie
Feminine Bravery

Kimberellie said...

Have I told you recently that I am in love with your style? Well, I am. I am, I am, I am. This outfit is awesome. And I see the outfit below this one is also BRILLIANT beyond belief (must read next).

And hey, you amaze me how often you post (rock on momma) and wow you also have a store AND you spend a considerable amount of time running! WISH WISH WISH I had your energy! (and maybe if I ran more often I would!)

heart: Kimberellie

ps. would it be okay if I put up a photo of you on my mom bloggers unite page?

Between Laundry Days said...

I love the knee socks with loafers!! So cute.

Terri said...

What gorgeous trees in your background.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

i blame you not for loving that headband. It's gorgeous! it looks so adorable.

really I am not even buying things this Christmas. i had already bought my kids their presents and my husband sadly is wanting video games so therefore I won't be able to contribute in this. Although for my closest friends I usually buy them only handmade things anyway. so my husband ruined my being involved in this handmade/second hand pledge :( . . .but what he'll buy me is all second hand or handmade.