Friday, November 19, 2010

my life is so complete

song of the day: 'you rock my world' by michael jackson
i have just been overwhelmed by you guys lately and your comments and support both of me and the christmas pledge. i'm just so excited :)
and thanks for all the hair advice. i may even just talk with my stylist about what product she would recommend. she's pretty cool and i doubt she's be offended by my telling her to her face that i need to go a cheaper route.
k, so my poncho is a good story. not really but i'm gonna tell it anyway. i was at my favorite thrift store last week i think and saw it in the bedding section. i thought, 'hey, i need a blanket to keep on the sofa so i won't freeze this winter.' i picked it up and unfolded it to find the price tag. $4 on half-price sale, so that meant $2! SOLD. upon further inspection, i saw it was actually a poncho. eureka! a cute plaid snuggie! even better. i could walk around the house and still stay warm. this was brilliant. i got it home and got cozy with it that night. found out it was waaayyy too itchy for snuggling with. sad face. then i had to decide what i was gonna do with it. then, the light went on and i realized that i hadn't cut any clothing in a very long time, or at least a few days, so yesterday morning, i took the scissors to it and this is what you get! my stars i love this thing now. as long as i wear long sleeves under it, it's perfect. and yesterday was frigid. and by frigid i mean the high was 48 and was maybe that temp for all of 5 minutes and cloudy. and this is one outfit i felt very well suited me.
this is another brooch from matt's grandma. i have a third but it really looks like a silver christmas wreath and i don't know what i think about that.
and speaking of matt, please be thinking of him today. he's going to undergo a procedure this afternoon of a delicate nature. suffice it to say, he'll be laying on the sofa all weekend with a bag of frozen peas :)


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I love how you went "not really, but i'm going to tell it anyway" hahaha. thanks for sharing. I think it is interesting.

Second Skin said...

Ooh, Hope Matt Recovers very quickly! And LOVE that Poncho so much! It is a great story! It makes me want to get out there and find treasure today! Oh and hey! I have been meaning to tell you! My GRANDMA bought that great cream coat from your shop last week! My freaking Grandma!! Isn't that cool! Just had to tell you! This outfit is brilliant and amazing lady!

Anonymous said...

what an ingenious idea...and you haven't even begun to belt it yet. And take good care of the guy.

Between Laundry Days said...

"A cute plaid snuggie". Some people have all the luck!

.Alyspank said...

Very innovative! I'm glad you worked with it instead of just tossing it or instantly donating it.

Best wishes to Matt! Hopefully all goes well!


shealennon said...

This is a beautiful fall look!! I love how you layered the scarf with the poncho. You look positively cozy!

Molli said...

love this look! i also love that so much of your clothing is thrifted..its inspiring to me since i love thrift store find too! hope everything with matt goes well!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love everything about this! the way your hair compliments these colors is ridiculous [in a good way!!!] and the fact that you made that poncho look like a million bucks instead of $2...genius!

Kimberellie said...

Oh, my day is so much better now that you are in it! SO SUPER cute poncho! HULLO! And hey, because of you I am buying a couple things handmade (more than my usual one or two) for Christmas presents! Thanks you!

And love how you coordinate with Fall in these pics. Lovely CLEVER you!!!

heart: Kimberellie

myedit said...

Those boots! I love how high up the leg they go...
And weird fact... I kinda love itchy wool?!?