Friday, November 12, 2010

drives off in a mercedes benz

song of the day: 'don't let him go' by reo speedwagon
i've introduced you to pauli girl before so i won't go into it again, i just think she's awfully photogenic so i thought i'd include her in today's post.
i have been loving all the good discussions going on in the blog world lately. like ms. morgan's post yesterday was so fantastic. her photos were gorgeous, she looked amazing, but the best part was the transparency of her message. it was about the struggles we all have about comparing ourselves to other women. and how from the outside, a stranger may look prettier than us and seem like she has it all together and then it makes our flaws stand out in contrast. i could've written a novel about my own shortcomings in the comment section of her blog (as it was mine was pretty stinkin long). but i think that's not what all this is about. i think our community of personal style bloggers (i don't like to call myself a fashion blogger because i know next to nothing about the 'fashion' world) is such an accepting group. we are here to lift each other up and encourage. i see that more and more. sure, there are mean girls out there who choose to leave snarky comments under an anonymous heading, but they are few and far between, and thankfully those people haven't discovered my blog yet! but yeah, i have a laundry list of things i don't like about myself, but i am learning more and more to get over my insecurities. that comes with age (seriously, i don't think it's possible when you're young to fully appreciate who you are) and the fact that i do have an amazing husband who constantly tells me i'm beautiful. and no, i don't think you have to be married or even in a relationship to get to that place of self acceptance, but you do have to surround yourself with good and loving people. if they wish only to bring you down, then you just gotta get rid of them. they aren't worth your friendship. and when it comes to strangers, i'm sure from the outside we look good to them :)
sweater-vintage, thrifted
jeans-vintage, from a lady's estate and i think they were her sons!
laofers-dexters, thrifted


Kayla said...

I remember being 10 and my parents taking my brothers and I to see REO Speedwagon. I loved it!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Anonymous said...

I found myself thinking about Morgan's post long after I read it, without having left a comment on her blog.

The gist of my thinking was why when human beings compare themselves do we have a win/lose mentality. Why isn't it that an observer can't see beauty and still think of herself as beautiful? Where does comparison get anyone?

myedit said...

I read your comment (or novella) on Morgan's blog and it made me love you more. It got read to Matt and some small tears.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

. . but it is really really reassuring to have the daily "you're hot!" or "you're so gorgeous" comments from a husband ;) haha. I think it is really helpful and keeps a smile on my face.

Thanks for the big compliment you gave me on my latest entry!

I love your pants in this outfit!

Unfortunately I don't really think the blogging world is so accepting, but that might just be me and the experiences I've had in it. There are definitely some amazing bloggers who are wonderful such as yourself. I can't really say that about everyone but would love to!

Between Laundry Days said...

This is a great post, and really beautifully encapsulates the fantastic support of the blogging community, and the strength that it gives us. Blogging has made me realize, address, and embrace those things about myself that I was unhappy with before. I feel so much stronger and full now.

And these pictures? So good!

archives said...

i love that this is a topic circulating a lot of fashion blogs lately, because its easy for us (well, me) to look at photos and judge or make assumptions. i forget other women have insecurities. i honestly always think "i must be the only woman in the world who has xxx issue", etc. but obviously that is not the case. we all have insecurities!

blogging has helped my self confidence TREMENDOUSLY! since gaining some weight, i've been even more critical of myself. i've only recently realized that being thin does not equal having a perfect life or instant happiness. posting pictures of myself on the internet everyday is not something i would have imagined myself doing at my most uncomfortable stage in life (physically, that is)...but here i am, and have found such a supportive, welcoming community. i think you're right about age... you just can't learn to appreciate the hand you've been dealt without a bit of life experience.