Monday, November 15, 2010

she comes down from yellow mountain

song of the day: 'wildfire' by michael martin murphey
i had such a fun weekend! had a great day at my shop on saturday, tons of people and good sales. then we went to tulsa to visit friends and eat delicious chili. while we were over there, i found out that one of my bestest friends is pregnant! we've already started talking about names and planning a baby shower. she's going to be a wonderful mommy. and she admittedly stalks my blog so i know she'll read this. Congrats Stacy and David!!!!!
and yesterday was spent relaxing. i took a wee nap and watched my new england patriots clobber the pittsburgh steelers. it was a great game. it was sad though because i had to watch most of it by myself. matt had to get up at 3:30 this morning for work! he went to bed with the chickens and i stayed up and watched the game, cheered by myself, and shopped on etsy (made a plaid poncho purchase and am super pumped to get it in the mail).
and today is the last day to enter the pledge giveaway!!! if you haven't put the button on your blog (and you want to, i mean, no pressure or anything) then get it done today and i'll put you in on the giveaway drawing. i've already started a list of those of you who have chosen to pledge. i'm so excited about it, you guys! i love seeing my button on your blog but even more proud that you are choosing to do this with me. i know that some of you have talked about buying locally too and i think that totally works along side of this pledge. so do it today and let me know!!! i want to list you all in a post :)
i don't know what it is, but especially since the weather turned cooler, i've been craving a different style. more back to my preppy roots. i think these boots kinda lend themselves to a more equestrian/polished look. and since i wear them basically every day........ but i just love this scarf that i picked up at my favorite thrift store. it has little jockey laden horses on it. plus it helped to keep my neck warm while taking these pictures. it was a bit colder this morning than i had thought. my fingers were a bit chilled by the end. and since i'm the best mom on the block, sent my child to school only wearing a longsleeve shirt and no jacket. soooo awesome of me, no?
and now, i'm off to run. only three more weeks until my race!!!!
sweater-vintage, thrifted
khaki trench shirt-vintage, little ocean annie
boots-vintage, ebay


archives said...

you look so cozy and warm! i love your scarf.

i totes forgot to add the button to by blog, but its up now! :) its funny, usually i have no idea what to buy people for the holidays, but now that ive decided to do handmade/local (yep! trying to do local when possible!)/second hand, i feel like everything is coming together much faster.

my bf is a super tech nerd, and i was stumped how to give him the gift i wanted to get him...until i realized amazon sells everything! and they have a used version! so technically that's second hand! :D

Cinnamon Wren said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I looove it.
Heart the little jockey scarf, you look super cozy.
I will totally follow your blog and if you like mine, do likewise!

modest typewriter vintage said...

I added the button to my blog! I am so excited about doing this... it's going to make gift giving so much more creative!

acute angle said...

L O V E that chunky cardigan!! It's in the 70's here in SF!! IT's NUTS!!!! I keep thinking it's going to cool down but then it just heats back up again!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

a race, huh? that's awesome. how long of a run is it going to be? Hope it goes well. Congratulations to your friend on her pregnancy.

KristiMcMurry said...

Ah I wish I could do the pledge!!! I have bought all handmade and vintage so far except for one. My boyfriend needed a new tackle-box and I got it new...darn.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

congrats to your friend!

and i love that shirt - such a neat neckline.

Anonymous said...

how exciting! congrats to your friend! you'll have so much fun planning with her. :) i have many pregnant friends right's crazy!

and you look lovely, my dear...every time i see you wear this khaki trench/shirt...i could die. i mean, really? it's so versatile! you wear it well.

surfvintage said...

Wow! you look like so "autumm in the forest" lovely! I love this headband also.

rainbows & fairydust said...

LOVE ur sweater you look fabulous x

Between Laundry Days said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend day, and your soft light neutrals are lovely! You look so cozy and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I made the blog. How fun! Thanks for the well wishes. It was great seeing you guys this weekend. I wish we could do it more often. I'm looking forward to a sweet vintage dress for the new arrival ;)

merl said...

whatever I come back as in my next life.. I better have your legs. I could be dead and half bald, but you better believe someone's gonna pay if I don't have those stilts.