Thursday, February 17, 2011

restless hearts

song of the day: 'faithfully' by journey
what a day this was!!! it was so warm, like in the 70s! of course i wore a sweatshirt with jeans, but whatever. the wind made it chilly. plus i couldn't find a darn thing to wear today. so i asked myself, 'what makes you comfortable?' i responded by saying, 'well i love sweatshirts.' and myself said back, 'bingo!'
and guys i do love this sweatshirt. a couple days ago (when i was also wearing it), my son said 'mom, you wear that shirt a lot.' you know it's bad when a 6 year old boy notices the frequency with which you put on a certain garment. but what can i do? it's literally the most comfortable thing i own.
anyway, just popping in to show you my go-to most comfortable favorite-ist thing to wear. well, swap the jeans with leggings and you got my evening uniform at home. i love cozy clothes :)
shoes-urban outfitters


kate maggie said...

You are such a babe! I love vintage sweatshirts like this. I used to collect them in Highschool! You look so lovely LOVE with those shoes too! x

Morgan and Lua said...

I ran in shorts today! The weather better keep it up. I ran in shorts today and I thought of you the whole time. In fact, every time I run I think of you. Motivational lady.

Loving the new header."These eyes..."

archives said...

girl, i dont care whats going on on top - you srsly have the leanest, longest legs in the blogosphere.

Coury Combs said...

Haha, I would wear that sweatshirt all the time too. :)

MariƱa " La Marquesa" said...

heheheeh so your kid is already putting attention on fashion!!!! and that is great!!! my brother is at the age when he jsut want to be moderm wearing cool clother (he is 7:))

I like your style and is nice cause you seem to be confortable and still favolous.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

That's so cute though with your son knowing what you wear and how much you like it.

Kayla said...

I'm obsessed with vintage sweatshirts. Love your blog.

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