Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i only know it's a matter of time

song of the day: 'waiting for a girl like you' by foreigner
yes. i am wearing my striped shirt again. but don't think of it as overwearing a particular garment. no, just think of it as my own personal remix challenge. k?
actually, i was inspired by an outfit that coury from fancy treehouse wore. i love the fanciful way she wears her clothes. she puts together the most brilliant color combinations, and truly has fun with her style. but anyway, i basically stole this idea from her :)
and i got all the way over here to take pictures, and then realized i didn't have the tripod attachment for the camera rendering the tripod completely useless. and because i'm super lazy, i didn't want to walk back home to get it. so i just propped the camera up on various ledges. i was so nervous that the thing would topple over! which explains the very concerned look on my face....and the awkward angles.
anddddddddd..........i have an iphone app!!!!!!!!!! matt created one for me and just yesterday, it was accepted by apple. you can see the blog, my etsy store, and my flickr favorites right from the app. so please, run don't walk over to the app store if you have an iphone/ipod touch/ipad! i think it's kinda cool :)


rainbows & fairydust said...

oh my gosh! just when i thought your outfits could get any more perfect than yesterdays, you go and spring this AMAZINGNESS on me!

I flippin LOVE it!

downloading ur app as i type! .... its official u r on my iphone!!


Ana - Better in Sepia said...

I love this outfit! I'm definitely going to do my own version of it as soon as I'm done with this effing 30x30... haha!

Congrats on the App! I don't have an iphone/pad/etc sadly.

Robyn said...

You have an app? You're kind of the coolest person i know. True story.

Between Laundry Days said...

That's pretty rad that you have an app. And I gotta say, I love this outfit. Let the shirt remixing continue! :)

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

Despite your tripod troubles, these photos are stunning. The simplicity of the outfit is perfect. I love the stripes with the pink flowy skirt. You have now inspired me to find long flowy skirts, I think they may have to become my summer staple!

6roove said...

skirt is so lovely, I love pleates! adorable color <3

kisses from Watching the waves :)

Nicole said...

Wow that is soooo cool!!! I don't have an iPhone so I wasn't aware that you can create apps and submit them to Apple for approval. Once you create one for Androids, let me know, k? ;)


Anonymous said...

This is such a cute outfit!!

islabell said...

the greenish tint to the water makes your pink skirt pop.
congrats on the app, thats awesome.

Anonymous said...

The lenght of the skirt is so pretty, love it!

Coury Combs said...

No wonder I love this outfit so much! Haha, just kidding. I love all your outfits! :)

archives said...

if i had an iphone, i would download it! but alas...i will wait until matt makes you one in android ;)

Emily Saltzberg said...

What a beautiful look.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I totally see how this outfit was inspired by fancy tree house! It looks so nice on you. I don't think you wear pink too much either, right? maybe you have but I just don't recall off hand at the moment anyway.

wardrobeexperience said...

you look so stunning in this outfit. i'd love to steal evetry single piece of it.