Wednesday, February 16, 2011

it felt like springtime on this february morning

song of the day: 'as i lay me down' by sophie b. hawkins
i am just sitting here beside myself at the many comments from my valentine's post! thanks so much! it really was a spectacular evening. we keep reminiscing about it, wishing we could recreate the whole thing all over again. that's when you know you have had a magical time together.
it seems as though spring has come early to northwest arkansas. which is strange since a week ago we had 2 feet of snow on the ground. but it's been in the 60s all week so far. i'm wearing sandals!!!! well, sandals with sweater tights. let's not get ahead of ourselves.
notice my scarf turban???? i'm trying my hand at headwear. it's a learning process, guys. i'm not saying i've perfected it yet. but it was windy today so i thought this a good time to give it a whirl. plus, it's new. yes, i bought a lovely blouse from paige's shop barefoot and vintage and she wrapped it in this amazing scarf! strangely enough the blouse i bought is blue and white striped. you may say i have a problem buying the same kinds of shirts all the time, but i assure you, this one is dainty and feminine with wide stripes and elbow sleeves. totally different. but she picked out a gorgeous little accompaniment for it with this scarf and i couldn't wait to wear it.
k. so i kinda want to do something new with my hair. namely cut it. any ideas?? i'm open to suggestions.
shirt-rodarte for target
jacket-girl brought in to my shop and i kept it :)
shorts-talbots, thrifted
tights-calvin klein
shoes-korkease, ebay


The Ettatorials said...

Love the look of the scarf!

Robyn said...

That first photo is very saucy. I feel like you would be receiving cat calls left and right.

yelizabeta said...

ok, call me crazy (i've always loved to make big shocking changes), but i think you'd look so cute with a little pixie. you're so tiny and you have the perfect face shape for it. when i had my hair short like that it was the funnest thing ever. but if you do it, you have to commit to the fact that you're going to love it (and you're man too :) otherwise, don't - haha. that's just my two cents. i think it would look stunning. (i do hair - ha there's my credibility :)

Myriam said...

YAY! I'm such a fan of head scarves, especially now that I'm not having to hide under my beanies.

I'm relishing this 60-degree weather. Though LR didn't get nearly as much snowfall as in your neck of the woods, I'm happy to be done with it. I had enough of my sniffles!

Lovely outfit.

KatySue Pillsbury said...

Great outfit! And as for your hair, I love it how it is! As a fellow poofy hair girl, if you go shorter you may end up looking like a mushroom!
If you haven't, you should try the whole curly girl thing. It really does change your hair!=)

michael ann said...

i am loving the scarf, i have a couple tucked in my closet but never know how to wear them!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

Your shoes are amazing. I am so glad to hear it is getting warm there because now it is starting to do so here too!! You look amazing and rock stockings like no one.

Claudia Paola. said...

I love your scarf turban! It was the first thing I noticed about your outfit, especially because I just wore a scarf turban today for the first time :P I also love the '70s vibe of your wedge sandals and the maroon tights- it's such a great look!

Thank you for your kind comment about my outfit- I am so pleased that you liked it!! It was so nice that you dropped by. :D

Claudia x
Molto ❤ Fashion

the other emily said...

I totally agree with yelizabeta - if you're up for a big change, my absolute first thought was how incredible you'd look with a pixie cut. You've got a great face shape for it, and it would really highlight your strong eyes and brows beautifully. And it would still look stellar with a turban! Just sayin'. :)
the other emily

Sarah said...

great style :)

Check out my blog:

Kimberellie said...

This outfit is simply gorgeous.