Saturday, August 20, 2011

stripes everywhere

more stripes. hope you're not sick of them, because i'm sure not! but these are some of the looks featuring stripes that i've saved in my pinterest over the past week. seriously, i feel like when i see a stripe i automatically love the outfit. they just make me happy :)
Picture 1


those tricks said...

Hooray for stripes.
Also a fan.
Will be wearing a 90s black and white striped dress on my blog Monday, in fact.
I really love the first shot of Adeline.
The wall paint looks like smoke.
Going to check out her blog now.
Hope you are having a great weekend, Amanda!

Lauren said...

I never tire of stripes. Or plaid.

Lauren @ See Parrot

triskelos said...

I absolutely adore stripes! I'bve rescently bought three striped tops, and I know that there's gonna be more) Black and white, red and whire, navy and white - every kind)))