Wednesday, August 24, 2011

and just like that.....

you turned 7.
i remember when dad and i decided we were ready for you. i know the moment you were conceived. i carried you around for nine months and you made your arrival at 4:37 in the morning of august 24, 2004.
baby isaiah
i won't lie, the first 6 months were really hard. i loved you so much, no doubt about it, but i had hard time being a mommy. i was overwhelmed with how helpless you were and how much you needed me.
isaiah 1
but then you turned 1. things got a lot easier and you started walking. sure you got into EVERYTHING, but we had more fun together. i loved to watch you explore the world around you.
isaiah 2
and before i knew it, you turned 2. the TERRIBLE two's. we had some hard times. you were pushing boundaries and wanting to be more independent. i wasn't ready. but now i know it's something you had to go through.
isaiah 3
and the minute you turned 3, things turned around. you were communicating more, going potty all by yourself, and making friends. we went to canada with you, and you had a great time seeing new things. and you grew so much that year.
isaiah 4
then you were 4. you started preschool, and did such a good job as a ringbearer in your aunt's wedding. i remember thinking how big you were!!
isaiah 5
when you were 5, we decided to hold you back a year from starting school. you needed another year to develop, to be YOU. i think you really started to find yourself this year. your personality came through in everything you did. you were really growing up.
isaiah 6
then you turned 6. started kindergarten. and your world flew open wide. i am still amazed with you much you grew, in both wisdom and stature, in one year. you came out of your shell and truly blossomed. we had some really good times.
isaiah 7
now you are 7. i still can't believe it. it seems like yesterday you were just a bundle in my arms and now you're in first grade. you're learning so much and are such a leader in class. you have great friends and are daily becoming more and more your own man. i am so proud of you. even though i am a little sad to see your childhood go by so quickly, i am thankful for the moments i get to spend with you, nurturing you and loving you. isaiah, you are an amazing little boy and i feel so privileged to be your mom. oh yeah, we still have our hard days, but i think we are fast becoming friends. i love you. so very very much.
happy birthday :)

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